5 Best Data Science Certification Course

The fact that Massive Open Online Classes (MOOCs) are becoming increasingly popular is evident. There is evidence that an increasing number of businesses are adopting MOOCs to enhance their employees. Online certificates are proof of your talents beyond textbook knowledge on a common reference platform.

IT industry is growing faster. Hence, resulted in the majority of the youth choosing Computer Science as their career option. If you want to choose Computer Science as your career option, then you should know what is computer science course.

Computer science is the study of computers and computational systems to understand the way humans react to technology. Computer Science is a vast area that includes various certification course options such as data science certification course, machine learning certification, cybersecurity courses, etc. If you wish to choose data science, then we have provided details about the 5 best data science certification courses that will help you.

5 Best Data Science Certification Courses

  1. IBM Data Science Certification

Duration — 3 months (flexible)

Level — Beginner

Platform — Coursera

You get: Certificates and digital badge

It is the greatest beginner-level data science certification program for anyone interested in launching a professional data science career. There are no prerequisites for the certification. If you want a deeper understanding of learning, you can take a crash course in Python first. By the end of course 6, you’ll be able to create projects from the ground up, making this a great way to add some fancy projects to your résumé!

  1. Tableau Data Scientist

Duration — 3 months (flexible)

Level — Beginner

Platform — Tableau e-learning

Cost — FREE

You get: Digital role badge

Many of Tableau’s credentials are discounted, but this one — Data Scientist Learning Path — is completely free. Tableau Data Analyst is a sibling certification. This test is for people who have fundamental, foundational abilities and knowledge of Tableau Desktop, as well as at least three months of experience with Tableau.

  1. Business Analytics Specialization

Platform — Coursera

Level — Beginner

Duration — 6 months (3 hr/week)

The Business Analytics Specialization is available on Coursera, which was created in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. It gives a strong fundamental introduction to big data analytics for anyone working in marketing, human resources, operations, and finance. The classes do not require any prior knowledge of analytics.

  1. SAS Academy for Data Science

Duration — Few months to several years

Cost — $250

Level — Advanced

Platform — SAS Academy for Data Science

One of the most prominent forums for learning SAS for Data Science is the SAS Academy for Data Science. It provides courses in data curation, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to help you develop your data profession. To be sure, SAS is a difficult horizon to navigate for newcomers.

  1. MCSE: Data Management and Analytics

Duration — 180 minutes exam

Level — Advanced

Platform — Microsoft

Price —$165

Total Questions — 45 to 55

Type — Single and multi-choice questions

With this certification course, you can show wide skillsets in database administration, SQL, designing enterprise-scale data solutions, and exploiting business intelligence data as a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE).


Data science education is still in its infancy; it is developing into a self-sustaining subject that produces individuals with separate and complementary abilities to those in the computer, information, and statistical sciences.

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