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72 Inches in Feet Conversion Calculator – Convert 72 inch into ft

How to convert inches to feet?

72 Inches in Feet: Converting inches to feet is quick and easy if you know how! The basics to remember is that a foot is 12 inches, so you can walk by inches by dividing by 12.

You can go back to inches by multiplying the number of feet by twelve.

Convert Inches to Feet

Start with your number of inches. Please write this number down or write it down on your calculator.

When you have it written down, be sure to label it “inches.”
Let’s move on to an example problem. If we want to find out how tall a girl is 70 inches tall, let’s first write 70 inches.

Divide that number by twelve.

You’re looking for the number of times that 12 fits into your inch count.

Adjusting your inches precisely a certain number of times will give you an integer for your answer.

If it doesn’t fit your customs number perfectly, it will send you a decimal, fraction, or mixed number.

In our example, dividing 70 inches by 12 gives 70/12 = 5.83. We can also write this as 5 and 10/12 (5 and 5/6) or five remaining 10. More information about the remains can be found below.

Write your answer in feet. The answer you just got is the number of feet you were looking for. Label it “feet.” If you do this for school, you could lose points if you forget the label.

The answer we got was 5.83, so we would write it as 5.83 feet. The girl is 5.83 feet tall.

Go back to inches by multiplying by 12.

Measurement in Feet

Once you have a measurement in feet, multiply by 12 to get back to inches.

Since multiplying is dividing backward, you end up with your original number of inches.

In our example problem, 5.83 × 12 = 70 inches. It is our original number of inches.

Use the same steps for decimals and fractions. Inches are not always written as whole numbers.

If you have an inch measurement written as a fraction or a decimal, follow the steps above.

Check out the above article on how to split decimals and fractions for help.

Let’s use a sample exercise to show how to do this.

We’re going to find out how many feet are 15.4 inches and 15 and 2/5 inches. These are the exact numbers but spelled differently.

Decimal: 15.4 / 12 = 1.28 feet
Fraction: 15 and 2/5 = (75 + 2) / 5 = 77/5 inches.
77/5 in / 12 = 77/5 × 1/12 = 77/60 feet or 1 and 17/60 feet

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