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At techiesin.com, we are dedicated to providing helpful information about emerging technologies on our website.


Who We Are

Techiesin.com is a project that was born as a personal blog written by technology professionals and specialists in digital marketing.


At techiesin.com, we generally refer to it as a popular blog about technology, science, gadgets, IoT, AI, and any newer technology and popular products. Internet and much more, but the truth is that it is more difficult than all this: it contains many notes on humor and other very different topics that interest us, the authors, and aviation, gambling, urban legends, gadgets, big or small. Conspiracies. or puzzles We also publish books, movie reviews, and more.


The authors call themselves “a bunch of geeks” or “tech geeks.” We do this blog because we like it, and we like it because it is a blog (article) created by man.


This is not the New York Times or Scientific American – this is a blog written by ordinary people in a similar language, with all the advantages and disadvantages of it.


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