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Açık Öğretim Sınavları Ne Zaman – Online or Face to Face?

Açık Öğretim Sınavları Ne Zaman

Open high school examinations, which are referred to as “açık öğretim sınaları” in Turkey, form a crucial component of their educational system. These exams give people who cannot attend regular high schools the opportunity to acquire the necessary educational services. The time that remains taken for open education tests and the question about whether they stay handled online or offline will remain discussed in this paper.

Açık Öğretim Sınavları Ne Zaman?Açık Öğretim Sınavları Ne Zaman?

Open examination tests commonly take place on particular days during the year. Different schools may offer examinations at other times during the semester, but there are usually two significant examination times. These are generally in January and June at the end of the year.

At every given examination period of açık öğretim, students must sit for their end-of-term examinations. Students must become acquainted with these set days in which they may prepare accordingly. Typically, students are provided a study timetable before the examination date, enabling them to plan accordingly.

What Is The Passing Grade for the AOL Course?

Candidates enrolled in Open High School should also note that their tests will remain marked out of a possible 100 for the AOL course passing grade. Each correct answer in the exam gives five points towards the final step.

The chosen scoring system ensures that the various candidates’ understanding and knowledge levels remain assessed precisely. This grading approach shows professionally that the AOL course upholds fairness regarding evaluation.

Students are assigned a predetermined point value for every correct answer scored to determine the passing grade.

Online or Face to Face?Online or Face to Face?

Açık öğretim sınavları are traditionally administered face to face. Students are required to attend the designated examination centers to take their exams physically. This format ensures the integrity and security of the examination process, allowing for proper invigilation and monitoring.

While online education and remote exams have become more prevalent in recent years, açık öğretim sınavları remain predominantly conducted in a face-to-face manner. This is due to the importance of maintaining the credibility and reliability of these exams. In-person exams provide a controlled and standardized environment for all students, ensuring fairness in the evaluation process.

Benefits of Face-to-Face ExamsBenefits of Face-to-Face Exams

Conducting açık öğretim sınavları face-to-face offers several advantages. Firstly, it allows for direct supervision and monitoring of students during the exam, reducing the risk of cheating and academic misconduct. Secondly, students can seek immediate clarification or guidance from invigilators if they encounter issues or have questions during the exam.
Furthermore, face-to-face exams provide an opportunity for students to interact with their peers, creating a sense of community and support within the açık öğretim system. This social aspect can motivate and encourage students to perform better in their exams.


In conclusion, açık öğretim sınavları are scheduled at specific times throughout the academic year, usually around the end of January and June. These exams are primarily conducted face to face, ensuring the integrity and reliability of the evaluation process. Face-to-face exams offer benefits such as enhanced supervision, immediate support, and the establishment of a supportive community among students.

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