Data Are Made Anonymous By Destroying All Identifiers and More

What is the Answer for Data Are Made Anonymous By?

1. Data Are Made Anonymous By: The data is anonymized by destroying all identifiers associated with the data.

2. Which of the following confidentiality procedures would protect against mandatory disclosure of personal data in a longitudinal study that monitors children from kindergarten to high school and gathers information about illegal activities?

3. When a focus group brings up a potentially sensitive topic, which of the following statements about maintaining the confidentiality of focus group participants is correct?

The researcher has no control over what the participants say about others outside the group.

4. An investigator leaves an investigation file in her car while attending a concert and her car that they steal.

The file contains graphics of aggregated numerical data from a human research study, but no other documents.

The informing consent stated that no identifying information can with hold, and the researcher comes to that component.

Which of the following statements best describes what happens? There was no invasion of privacy or confidentiality.

5. Which of the following statements constitutes both a breach of confidentiality (the research data we create as contrary to the agreement between the researcher and the test subjects) and a breach of the test subjects’ privacy (the individual’s right to protect them from interference with their life or personal affairs)?

Identifiable data on sexual behavior are made available to doctoral students by a faculty member, although the subjects are assuring that the data would be anonymous.

Subjects to Know Data can be Anonymous

1. A faculty member wants to measure the effectiveness of a new psychological assessment tool before it includes in their new textbook.

He plans to run a pilot test that will manage both the new tool and an establishing tool and then compare the results.

Which of the following populations might be most susceptible to undue manipulation to participate in your research? Students taking one of your courses

2. An investigator recruits subjects for a study of a new antidepressant.

The researcher focused on a group of patients who can clearly benefit, but who are also placing in homes for a variety of psychiatric conditions.

Patients are in a controlled environment and we can believe that recruiting subjects for the study can not be a problem.

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