Dell Optiplex 7010 – Specifications, Functions, Dell Optiplex 7010 Price, and Review

Smart Productivity

Dell Optiplex 7010 Operating System
Available with Windows 8 Pro

Work efficiently with the OptiPlex ™ 7010 desktop computer that offers advanced performance, flexibility, and connectivity to help your business succeed.

Get High Performance

Take advantage of 3rd generation Intel® Core ™ processor options in the OptiPlex 7010, including Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0, ample storage, Intel® HD graphics, and high bandwidth storage.

Experience the comfort and versatility of the workplace

Work comfortably with a system that allows you to personalize your workspace with an intuitive layout, multiple display options, and flexible settings for your peripherals.

Simple Collaboration Promotes Success

Collaborate and share data using VoIP1 and Microsoft® Lync.

Enterprise-class Control

Effective management of your office environment is at your disposal.

Then, OptiPlex 7010 gives IT administrators complete control over system administration and security protocols and provides stability needed to plan for the future effectively.

Efficiently Manage Your Desktop Fleet

Achieve unparalleled IT control in your workplace. Out-of-band remote management of the Intel® Core ™ i7 vPro ™ processor.

Also, it is desktop-to-desktop image sharing, and Dell BIOS remote management functionality help increase IT efficiency.

Enable data security across your company

Protect your critical data and it meets compliance standards with Dell Data Protection2 and Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 3 encrypted hard drives and other security features.

Then, enjoy the security of stability and business-class support

Also, your business grows, hardware stability and support are vital to managing your budget and forecasting long-term needs.

Help IT focus on projects that matter most with Dell Pro Support ™ and Dell Implementation Services.

Inspired design

Durable and designed for your workplace, Dell OptiPlex desktops offer durability and style.

Built to last

Firstly, your business needs a desktop computer that can handle the toughest of tasks.

Then, ensure long-term reliability with long-lasting, functional Dell OptiPlex desktops.

The perfect fit for your desk

Dell OptiPlex systems fit seamlessly into practically any office environment, almost any desktop size, and uniform appearance across all models.

Designed to protect the environment

Help minimize power consumption and promote energy savings with ENERGY STAR® 5.2-compatible OptiPlex desktops.

Also, it offers highly efficient power supply options and environmentally friendly design features.


Packaging and setup: The selling company did a great job packing everything, and there were no problems with shipping.

Also, the computer and peripherals were undamaged and performed very well.

Then, Windows activation key was clear, and it worked for the first time when it was entered.

Also, Display Port worked fine when I connected it to my TV.

I don’t think there is any concern that you will not receive a well-functioning, well-packaged computer.

Misreporting: While I feel like the computer I received was a value, I am concerned about the publicity for this product given what I got.

Then, advertisement mentions that the computer has an HMDI port and 8 GB of RAM.

Also, the unit I received did not have an HDMI port (which is fine, DisplayPort to HDMI only requires the purchase of a separate cable) and it had 6GB of RAM.

Then, Ram is a major concern only because it was a deciding factor between this unit and the cheaper units.

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