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Dolores from Encanto is a supporting character in the 2021 Disney animated movie Encanto. She is the eldest child and only daughter of Pepa and Félix Madrigal and the older sister of Camilo and Antonio. Described as a shadow of Isabela, she was endowed with enhanced hearing.

Born into the Madrigal family, Dolores is Felix and Pepa’s eldest daughter and Camilo and Antonio’s eldest sister. Dolores is the niece of Julieta, Bruno and Agustín and the cousin of Isabela, Luisa, and the Mirabel.

From the early years of her life, Dolores from enchanto lived in the nursery with her cousin Isabela, who was only a few weeks older, and Luisa, who was two years younger.

While Bruno was still with the family, Dolores received a vision from her uncle. He told her that the “man of her dreams” was out of reach for her. Because he was going to be engaged to someone else, causing her great anxiety that he she would haunt her through the years.

Isabela turned five when she received her magical gift. Also, she moved into her own room, and Dolores stayed in the nursery with Luisa until her own fifth birthday a little later. On the night of Dolores‘ 5th birthday, she was given a better hearing and moved from the nursery to her new room.

Dolores From Encanto

Official Description

Dolores is often the first to hear about the city’s biggest mysteries, most gripping dramas, and juiciest revelations.

She is gifted with the magical ability of an extraordinary hearing, Dolores often hears things she shouldn’t hear, which gets her in big trouble. But she always tries to help.

Dolores from enchant is the only daughter of Pepa and Félix. Born right after perfect cousin Isabela, Dolores feels she only exists in her shadow.

Dolores has the gift of superhuman hearing. She listens to everything people say and shares what she hears, but nobody asks her what she thinks.

The Personality Of Dolores

Dolores Dolores is described as “a bit quiet,” while not entirely stoic, she is the least emotional of the family. She speaks or sings as softly as a whisper.

Unlike her outgoing younger brother Camilo and her energetic parents, Dolores doesn’t like to be the center of attention, preferring to stay in the background.

Also, Dolores seems to enjoy helping others, especially her family. She uses her enhanced hearing when someone asks her to know or find out something.

Although she ends up causing problems or causing various disasters with her gift with the things.

She knows, Dolores has no bad intentions as she is just trying to be helpful, like a large part of her family.

Due to the nature of her gift, Dolores tends to reveal people’s secrets even when she doesn’t want to.

For example, he told the town’s children that his cousin Mirabel had no magical gift.

Despite his way of revealing secrets, he never told anyone that Bruno still lived within the walls because others feared him and his powers.

Although generally calm and quiet, Dolores can have rare moments of stress and emotional weakness, in stark contrast to her stoic personality.

Her gift causes her incredible discomfort and suffering, resulting in her covering her ears.

When they are too loud for her. Dolores’ powers also give her a reputation for being curious and force her to constantly keep others’ secrets, clearly making it difficult for her to do so.

Dolores From Encanto

Powers And Abilities

“Oh, I have no idea, there is only one person in this family who listens to everything about everything….”

Mirabel to Casa Madrigal for Dolores’ audition.

Enhanced Hearing: Dolores has the power of improved hearing.

Her ears are strong enough to hear even the faintest of sounds.

Like the sound of a pin dropping and even an eye moving, with her gift.

She has inside information on all her family members and the townspeople.

Dolore’s hearing also works over long distances.

She can receive messages from people all over the city from Casa Madrigal.

As she saw when she reported that Mariano’s family is coming to dinner.

However, the only downside to her gift is that she doesn’t seem to work well in noisy environments.

She covered her ears as everyone cheered for Antonio or as cracks appeared around the little house.


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