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How Basic Technology Has Changed Our Lives

Some of us can remember the first cell phones. They were large and did nothing compared to the most basic phone we use now. Today, a smartphone is a requirement. A phone is much more than a device we carry to make phone calls. A smartphone is a powerful, handheld computer.

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We use them for the internet, directions, advice, dictionaries, encyclopedias, languages, currency information, and a host of other things without thought. New items are introduced to the capabilities of our superphones every day.


We have used smartphones to watch videos, movies, and read for years. Playing video games online is something we use our phones to entertain toddlers through hardcore gamers. Using your smartphone to play the lottery and check scores on high-profile sporting events is becoming common practice. But you can do so much more. For example, you can look up the complete Eurojackpot statistics quickly and easily. When you use the EuroJackpot link, you instantly see the results from this week and past weeks. You see what the lottery you want to bet on is worth, and you can place your bet right from your phone. Technology has taken this form of entertainment to a new level.


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Check the batteries in your remote control

Nothing is more frustrating than finding out (the hard way) that your batteries in the remote control need to be replaced. Well, thanks to technology, you can use your smartphone to check its power.

  • Turn on the camera app. Look through the phone display at the infrared signal at the tip of the remote control that is not working. If you see a reddish light coming from the tip, your infrared signal is working properly. The problem with your remote control is probably the batteries are dead or very weak.

Touchless Phone Operation

We try to keep our hands clean and sterile as much as possible. Our phones tend to get touched by others and placed on questionable surfaces. Sometimes, you don’t want to touch the screen. There are apps available that allow you to operate your smartphone (or android) by moving your hand above the screen. You will find them at your favorite app stores.


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Windshield dash display through your camera function

Some cars come with a built-in dash display. This allows you to see your speed and automobile functions better. If your car doesn’t, no problem. Use an app like, that accesses your phone and allows you to display your dash by using your camera function and placing your phone on the dashboard while the app is on.

After you have heard it – Do you want to record it?

If you have an iPhone, there is an app called Heard. App that you might like. It always keeps the microphone open. You have five minutes to capture something that was said to save it. So, if someone just said something very profound and you want to keep it forever, just hit the button, and it is saved.


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Control the power bill

One of the most often forgotten things in a household is turning down (or up) the thermostat, so your HVAC system doesn’t work all day, keeping your throw rug at a comfortable temperature. We all know it is a waste of money, but it is difficult to remember to reset the thermostat. Try the app (through your Google store) called NEST. You can monitor the temperature in your home and adjust the thermostat from your smartphone.

Remote start your car and turn on the heat/air.

Automatic start is the number one feature in luxury automobiles to some of us. Nothing is worse than getting into a hot or cold car. But, some of us don’t drive a luxury cars. But, technology is after your heart. Remote start that can work from your phone is now available. One option (with good reviews) is the Viper Smartstart, available at your local computer store.

New things you can do with your smartphone are continually being added. From using your phone for the remote control for your home entertainment system to adjusting the brightness and color of the lighting in your home, everyday tasks are made easier through technology. You can use it as a remote control for your television. Simple duties like feeding your dog, locking or unlocking doors, turning on a special coffee maker that is preset for cappuccino, and any number of little things that simply make living easier and less stressful are all possibilities.

Computers and technology already have the global economy and world business moving. It has already created new educational, political, and social systems. So, it stands to reason it can provide us with a more comfortable lifestyle too.

All you have to do is determine what issues you want to address and see what is available. It is certain there is something out there that will help you recreate your situation.

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