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How Modern Technology Has Reshaped The iGaming Industry

It’s no secret that the Gaming industry is thriving. The popularity of sport betting and casino games has skyrocketed ever since these activities became available online. Additional convenience, flexibility and availability have made the iGaming industry one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. 

Today, you can simply visit websites like and find information regarding the best sources for online betting and casino games. 

Online casinos and sportsbooks have many things to offer that you otherwise cannot find in land-based establishments. It’s safe to say that modern technology has made all of that possible. With that in mind, here’s how modern technology has reshaped the iGaming industry. 

Live features

The introduction of live features in online casinos and sportsbooks has made a significant impact on user experience. The iGaming industry’s popularity improved tenfold after this feature was made available to consumers. 

In fact, live features include live betting on matches that have already started and casino games that are played live with real dealers and in real-time. 

This provides something of a land-based experience but in the online world. You no longer have the feeling that everything is solely virtual. This also provides additional excitement to both casino games and sports betting. 

Virtual Reality (VR)

Technologies like augmented and virtual realities (AR/VR) have been around for some time now. However, recent developments and advancements made these technologies more popular than ever. 

As you might imagine, both VR and AR technologies made their way to the iGaming industry thus reshaping it as we know it. 

Although still in its infancy stage, VR casinos are closer to reality than ever. Soon you’ll be able to sit at a virtual poker table or play a virtual slot machine as if you were actually present in a land-based casino. 


Digital assets are taking the online world by storm. The fact that there are cryptocurrencies that aren’t tied to fiat assets are quite appealing to online consumers. When it comes to the iGaming industry, cryptocurrencies provide a new payment method to customers. 

Not only that but they offer faster transactions with no additional fees that other payment methods usually request. 

Having multiple choices is always a winning combination for both online casinos or sportsbooks and their users. That said, eWallets are becoming one of the most popular payment options in the online world, in general, not just the iGaming industry. 

Closing Words

Modern technology is reshaping every industry in the world. The iGaming industry is no exception and they know how to make their offers more appealing, as well as how to capitalize using the latest technological trends and innovations. 

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