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NSE: Ugarsugar Share Price Today, Financials, And Stock Analysis

What Is NSE: Ugarsugar?

What Is Nse: Ugarsugar?

The NSE: UgarSugar LTD is the flagship organization of the Shirgaakar companies. The company has been involved in the production of white glass sugar for more than 75 years. Currently we crush a total of 18,000 TCD of sugarcane daily in our UGR and Jeawigi plants.

The Ugar Sugar Works Limited has successfully operated its 44 -MWbagsie -Bagsie -Energie system, one of the country’s largest energy systems for several years.

Nse: Ugarsugar Technology

Nse: Ugarsugar Technology

We present the NSE: Ugarsugar technology that is connected to the sugar manufacturing process.

The sugar cane is harvested and the clean stick is loaded in the vehicles and takes the factory.

Therefore, the gross weight is taken and the stick is downloaded at the feeder table with an electric crane.

Also, the second bearer takes the floor prepared to the mill, where the juice is extracted using the process of prohibition of the composite stay and hot water is applied for maximum extraction in front of the last factory.

Therefore, this process is called a Mascero. The mixed juice is tense and sent for processing. Water for recording and mixed juice is weighed separately in automatic scales.

Also, the bagase obtained after squeezing from the mills (waste won according to the juice according to the juice) is used as a fuel for the boiler and excess bagase is packaged and sent for storage.

These ingredients are mixed completely in juice sulfiter.

Then, the sulfur juice is heated to 105 ° C in a different juice heater.

This juice is passed through a flash tank to appear in continuous clarification.

The discontinued mud is filtered with the help of a vaccine filter in which the filtering is separated and sent to the clarification system.

Nse: Ugarsugar Works

Nse: Ugarsugar Works

Ugar Sugar Works has used innovative technology in the form of distributed control systems to highly automate the system.

Thus, this automation was carried out in the following areas:

  • Boiler
  • Turbines
  • Frying pan


Ugar Sugar has always tried as much as possible to innovate the sugar manufacturing process as far as possible.

Include some recent developments for the introduction of technology, modernizations and automation:

Centralized lubrication system for soft lubrication of the machine parts to avoid manual/ humans and reduce the consumption and oil wear and breakage of the parts.

Automatic speed regulation of the mill rollers in the last and penultimate mill to operate according to the bagasse ceiling and moisture reduction.

Automobile tube feed system against factories.

Planetary units instead of conventional travel reduction and crystallizing worms, pug, internal energy savings and problems without problems.

Highly efficient degrees instead of conventional degrees for efficient sugar evaluation.

Balance of three stages to bake instead of the two two -stage conventional ducks, begins to maintain a very high degree of precision in the weight of the sugar bags.

Common Questions About The Work Of The NSE: Ugarsugar Parts

  1. How high is the price for UGR sugar work campaigns today?

Until April 24, 2023, 03:59 a.m. The price for UGR UGR UGR sugar work campaigns fell by 3.31%, based on the previous final course of 108.1 rupees. The price for Ugar -Zucker -Worker shares was 103.55.

NSE Ugarsugar performance works:

  • 1 week: The price for UGR -Zucker -Worker Share rose by 1.17% by 1.17%
  • 1 month: The price for UGR -Zucker -Worker -Schasts shares rose by 13.79% by 13.79%
  • 3 months: The price for UGR sugar work stocks increased by 3.34% by 3.34%
  • 6 months: The price for UGR sugar work stocks increased by 32.50%
  1. How big is the market capitalization of Ugar sugar work?

The market capitalization of the shares of Ugar Sugar Work is 1,164.94 cr.

  1. How high is the price for 52 -week -height/minimum tactics by Ugar Sugar?

52 weeks the maximum Ugar sugar component share is 115.85 RS, while at least 52 weeks is 43.10 RS

  1. What are the most important metrics for the analysis of the price for Ugar sugar shares?

Ugar Sugar Work content can be quickly analyzed according to the following metrics:

  • The PE of shares is 22.13
  • Price ratio / 9.90 Book
  • 0.24 dividend yield
  • EPS (12 -month back) from Ugar sugar work share is 4.68
  1. Is Ugar Sugar Work profitable?

Total income and profits for the work of Sugar Ugar for the year by 2022-03-31 was 1139.70 rupees and 43.33 RS per group. In the past quarter of 2022-12-31, Ugar Sugar Work reported an income of 632.34 rupees and 45.53 RS.

  1. Who are your colleagues to compare the price for UGR sugar work stocks?

Within the sugar sector, Ugar Sugar Work, Uttam Sugar Mills Ltd., Avadh Sugar & Energy Ltd., Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd., Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Ltd., DCM Shriram Industries Ltd., Bajaj Hindusthan Sugar Ltd., Magadh Sugar & Energy & Energy & Energy Ltd .., Ponni Sugars (Erode) Ltd., Mawana Sugars Ltd. and Rana Sugars Ltd. are usually compared by investors for analysis.

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