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Disappointment in results poses a risk to the market; Nifty may end at 15,500 by year-end: JPMorgan

Outlook news: “Ratings in India seem to be expanding,” Mookim said in a video interview. There is an unusual expectation or belief that reopening means growth.

We see many reasons why we may not find very strong economic growth even if we open up.

Why should the secondary market have so much fun? IPO-Mart in swing and lively

As indices float around new highs, the market has gotten retail participants to invest outside of the FOMO and convinced promoters to get attractive prices for their shares by going public and capitalizing on sentiment.

Market bullish. After all, companies are on strike while the iron is hot!

Fitch cuts India’s growth forecast from 12.8% to 10% due to slower recovery and a weaker outlook for the banking sector

The renewed restrictions would have slowed down restructuring efforts and left banks with a slightly more imperfect business and revenue generation outlook in fiscal year 22, the agency said in a report Wednesday.

Six factors that will shape Dalal Street for the next six months

Nifty50 ended in the first six months of 2021 with an increase of more than 12 percent, its best semi-annual performance since 2017, despite a devastating second wave of Covid-19 infections, renewed crashes, and a tantrum in the Treasury market of the USA

Positive Outlook for the consumer goods sector; Empowering Brands to Seize Opportunities, Says Jyothy Labs

According to the company’s latest annual report, the company, which owns brands such as Margo, Ujala and Maxo, is stepping up its distribution network and increasing its spending on marketing and branding to strengthen its brands.

Buckle up: Q1 results may skyrocket market after current hiatus

With the budget deficit proliferating, India’s debt increased 1,090 basis points from 47.9 percent in fiscal 2019 to 58.8 percent of GDP in March 2021.

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S&P Maintains a Stable Outlook for India, Warns of Downgrading if Growth Slows

“The stable Outlook reflects our expectation that the Indian economy will recover after the Covid-19 pandemic is resolved and that the country’s external solid framework will act as a buffer against financial burdens for the next 24 months, through despite the government’s growing financing needs, “said the lawyer. S&P.

You can feel the end of the bullfight. Believe it or not, it’s not over yet.

Despite a raging second wave of the pandemic, the recent market rally has led some to suggest that the bull market may enter it’s mid or late-cycle, implying that a definitive end is near.

Is liquidity keeping markets from reality?

The stock market considers a great deal of future earnings growth, and the uncertainties from Covid could thwart some of those expectations to an extent.

S&P revises ICICI Bank’s Outlook from negative to stable

“We have revised the rating outlook to reflect our belief that ICICI Bank will maintain its strong capital position for the next 24 months,” he said.

Fitch confirms Adani Ports at BBB-minus with negative Outlook

APSEZ’s underlying credit profile is rated Bbb, while the Indian country limit of BBB-minus limits its rating.

Oil prices rise as demand prospects improve and supply becomes scarcer

Brent crude rose is about 51 cents, or 0.7 percent, to $ 73.20 a barrel at 0644 GMT, its highest level since May 2019. US West Texas Intermediate was up 47 cents, or 0.7 percent, to $ 71.38 a barrel, the highest value since October 2018.

Trading setup: extremely unfavorable risk-reward ratio; Avoid aggressive purchases
Nifty is expected to start smoothly on Monday. The 15,830 and 15,885 levels will act as resistance points, while support is at 15,700 and 15,630.

Debt Market Outlook

Bond Investors Demand More Protection As Covid Threatens Business Prospects

Bondholders are accumulating rupee-denominated bonds whose interest rates rise each time the credit quality of the bonds is downgraded.

Hiring Prospects For Q3 2021 Expected To Be Stable – Survey

According to the ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey released by Manpower Group India on Tuesday.

The hiring plans are expected to remain more or less stable over the next three months.

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Microsoft’s Outlook email service was down, affecting Outlook on the web, desktop, and mobile devices.

“We have received reports from users having problems accessing their Exchange Online accounts through Outlook on the web,” tweeted an official Microsoft account.

While their initial investigation found the bug was primarily in India, additional data revealed that it affected users worldwide, msn news outlook.

“We collected additional data from the affected infrastructures to determine the impact on our Exchange Online protocols. We also found this issue affecting users all over the world,” the company continued.

“Users can experience problems with a variety of Exchange Online protocols, including the Outlook desktop, mobile devices, and those that rely on RESTful functionality.”

Of those who reported on Office 365, 60 percent were affected by the Outlook issue.

Also, more than a quarter had difficulty connecting to servers, msn news outlook.

Almost half of those who had problems with Microsoft Teams had issues connecting to the server or logging in.

This was the second of these outages in a week for the software giant.

Yesterday, the company announced that both SharePoint and OneDrive were not working correctly.

The outage came just hours after an issue also affected the company’s Teams, Outlook, and Office products, msn outlook news.

It is not clear whether these issues are related, msn outlook news.

“Our engineers have alleviated the problem for Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Teams users. Most of the users of our Exchange services also experience a service recovery as we work towards a complete solution,” said a Microsoft spokesman.

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