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5 Best Ways to Detect Hidden Cameras and Microphones

5 Best Ways to Detect Hidden Cameras and Microphones

In this modern digital era, you can never be sure if you’re being watched or heard by someone else. The thought of having recording devices in your room is surely anxiety-inducing. You have the right to privacy, and you need to make sure your right is not violated by cyber perpetrators. Also, digitogy is the best place to discover gadgets.

For this, you can invest in a counter-surveillance tool from a Spyshop to quickly detect if someone is keeping an eye on you, so you can take the right step without any delay. In case you’re on the hunt for more effective (and best) ways that can help you detect hidden cameras and microphones, read this article!  

1.    Purchase an RF Detector

Hidden cameras and microphones transmit radio frequencies, therefore, an RF detector will help you in locating and finding these devices. You can easily purchase an RF detector from an online shop or an electronic store near you.

Simply take the RF detector in your hands and roam around the entire room. It will start beeping or buzzing when it detects hidden cameras or microphones. You can also check the manufacturer’s guidelines to see how your RF detector works.

2.    Look for Interference When Making a Call

Hidden camera optics and microphones create small electromagnetic fields when they transmit data. They will interfere when you will make a call.

Hence, you should make a call and start walking around the room. Make sure other devices that make electromagnetic fields like TV, speakers, and radios are turned off.

When you will get near the hidden camera or microphone, you will start hearing loud buzzing or crackling sounds. Then, try to search for the area to see where the hidden camera or microphone is placed.

3.    Check Mirrors in Your Rooms

A mirror is also one of the most common places where hidden cameras or microphones may be installed. You must know the difference between a fake and a real mirror.

For this, you can do a small, quick test. Place your fingernail against the mirror, if the reflection has a gap, it’s a real mirror. If there’s absolutely no gap between your fingernail and the reflection, you should know that it’s a fake mirror.

You should instantly cover it with a bed sheet or paper to make sure your privacy isn’t compromised.

4.    Look for “Weirdly-Placed” Decoration Pieces

Another way to hide cameras and microphones is in the decoration pieces, such as a vase or teddy bear.

If you look at them and feel weird about how they are placed or positioned in the room, you must take a closer look and check for glassy surfaces or visible lenses, as they usually indicate a hidden camera.

5.    Listen for a Dull Buzzing or Clicking Noise

Although other electronic devices may also make buzzing noises, you should check for hidden cameras and microphones late at night to locate them accurately by minimizing other distracting noises.

They may have a dull buzzing or clicking noise and as you will walk slowly towards them, they will be more noticeable. You should investigate it and take appropriate action accordingly to make yourself feel safe and sound.  5 Best Ways to Detect Hidden Cameras and Microphones

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