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5 Quick SEO Tips To Increase Organic Traffic

What SEO tips do you get to enhance your visibility? Well, most of the SEO tips that you get must be focusing on writing engaging content and improving the visitor’s experience. However, these are not all! There are over hundreds of SEO tips that will amaze you. However, if you want to increase your traffic organically, few tips are selected by SEO experts.

This guide will learn about five such quick SEO tips that will offer you organic traffic. Further, the tips suggested below in this guide will take about 15 minutes or less to convert into action.

Quick SEO Tips To Enhance Your Organic Traffic

1. Enhance Your Existing Content With Missing Subtopics

Only coming up with meaningful content is not going to help you. Instead, you need to arrange them in the right way. In most cases, the first-ever drafts that you post are not audience-pleasing. Thus, you need to make them perfect. In many cases, you can find your content missing vital points and subheads to rank in search engine result pages. However, this is common during the initial days of your campaign.

But there is a solution for missing sub-topics. All you need to do is come up with URLs of two or three top-ranked pages. Target them in the content gap tools. Then you need to plug the URL of your page and target the keywords. You can find the gap in your content and between the top-ranked content. You can then come up with improvements to your content to improve your visibility and gain links.

2. Send Emails To All Those Whom You Link

Backlinks are no doubt one of the most vital factors to improve your search engine ranking. Gaining more backlinks is a great strategy considered by professionals. However still, link building can be boring. When you are linking your prospects, you need to evaluate them and send them emails. With emails, you need to convince them to link back to you. In this way, you can find more traffic for your website.

If this process seems tedious for you, you can send emails to everyone you are linking to. There are more chances you would get backlinking from at least some of them. Or else you can also use the Link outreach tools. These tools enable you to reach out to the marketing managers of the sites you link to. If you can’t do it yourself, then SEO companies Brisbane can also help you with email marketing.

3. Add Internal Links To Your Recent Pages

Internal linking is somehow similar to backlinking. It is like backlinking from one page of your web platform to the other page. Internal linking is a great approach that allows you to navigate your website visitors from one page to another. If you want to achieve internal linking, you need to segment and distribute the link authority within your site. Google also uses the anchor text in this case to understand the context of your web page.

The one problem that you find in internal linking is, whenever you come up with a new page on your website, it won’t have any internal linking. Thus, you need to link it internally to find the rank for the page. To find the best chance, you can search your web platform for the most top keywords. 

Based on the URL rating, you can then decide how much internal linking you need. However, internal linking is an excellent option for websites that have already achieved rank for one of their pages in Google. With the help of those pages, you can internally link other pages to gain visitors for new pages.

4. Conduct A Yearly Content Evaluation

Content evaluation is a process in which you have to analyze all the content posted on your website. After reading and evaluating them, you need to decide whether to restructure, update, or replace them. This is because; the contents that you craft in 2010 won’t work in 2021. With time, you can find new trends, new keywords, and new suggestions in the content. F

For example, the SEO tips for organic traffic in 2005 would be a lot different from today’s tips. The evolution of technology is a major factor contributing to this. So, audit your content to replace them.

5. Repurpose Blog Posts As Videos

This is one of the vital tips to gain an audience. The personal preferences of the audience have changed. Rather than reading blogs, people find it easy to see the videos. Thus, you need to repurpose your blog as videos. 


Keeping it short, these are five quick tips to increase organic traffic. Make sure you are using all these tips in your campaign to get ranking in SERPs. We hope this article about 5 quick SEO tips to increase organic traffic is helpful to you. Do share this content on social media if you find it useful for you in any manner. Please stay connected with us for future updates. 

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