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5 Types of Airport Advertising You Should Know About

Travel is back, which means airports are once again an incredible place to advertise for your brand. In fact, travel is crazier than ever, with people all around the world making up for lost time over the last two years.

If you are a brand that wants to really be seen by mass amounts of people on a daily basis and reach all types of demographics, then airport advertising is definitely something you should consider. Airports are uniquely designed buildings that are basically one big advertisement opportunity.

Not only will you get to get your brand in front of a whole range of people from different countries, at different stages of life, and with different religions and physical abilities, but you get to advertise in front of people when they all have some extra time to kill. This means that their attention span is heightened and you have more time to really make an impact with them.

While your business may be wanting to target a specific type of consumer, there is never any harm in equally enhancing brand awareness in general. The more people that know about you, the more people who are likely going to be welcomed one day as one of your loyal consumers.

To help you make the most of airport advertising, we have rounded up the best spots you should know about and how to really make the most of them.

1. Get on the Billboards

Airports are known for having a ton of large billboards throughout—both indoors and outdoors. The billboards often start on the roads outside the airport and go all the way through the sky bridges to board the plane and at baggage claim on the carousels. This allows brands to tell a story really effectively and get the opportunity to have multiple touchpoints throughout.

Effective advertising relies largely on consistency. Airport billboards allow you to do exactly that and more. The types of billboards will also vary at airports—with some being the traditional static ones and others being digital rotating ones. This means that you can easily find a billboard option that meets your budget.

2. Advertise on WiFi

One of the best ways to personalized messaging with airport advertising is to do so on the wifi. Nearly every single person at the airport will take advantage of the free wifi, meaning you have a chance to get personal with them.

Wifi marketing is where you can place your advertisements on the portal, in which people wanting to log on will first have to watch your advertisement. This is a super effective and impactful airport advertising tactic because it is the rare occasion that the majority of people will watch out of necessity because they want to end up getting access to the wifi.

3. Phone Charger Stations

Another unique advertising opportunity at the airport is to do so at phone charging stations. Most airports have these throughout the terminal so that passengers can add some juice to their electronic devices before takeoff. These are usually in public areas, lounges, and near gates.

Advertising on phone charger stations is a great tactic as you will likely get more attention because people are going to stay and wait as their electronic devices charge back up. Often there are LED screens at these stations where you can play a short advertisement on repeat, allowing you to make a deep impact.

4. Lightboxes and LED Screens

Speaking of LED screens, airports are full of them and lightboxes. These are scattered throughout the airport from the ticketing area all the way through security and to the departing gates. They are also often on the arrivals side of the airport too, with locations near the caresouls for baggage and in the pick-up areas.

Having so many lightbox and LED screen options allows brands like you to tell a consistent brand story, have effective advertising measures, and get people to really remember you. Plus, these lightboxes and LED screens offer brightness and color to the airport terminal, so people are likely to pay a lot more attention to it.

5. Floor Decals and Activation Centers

Airport terminals have huge footprints. This means that brands can take over a space and turn it into an interactive area that offers an immersive brand experience. For instance, you could have a pop-up fashion show, a taste-testing station, or a display that also offers passengers the chance to win prizes.

People at airports have time, so they are more likely to engage with activation centers. It also is a unique opportunity for Inclusive marketing tactics and lets you form personal relationships with potential consumers.


Airport advertising is a really valuable strategy that lets you display your brand in a large footprint. What assets will you consider making use of first?

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