Language Services Provider

Translating and interpreting are among the most essential tasks of a language services provider (LSP). However, these tasks don’t stop at language translation and interpretation; they also encompass audiovisual localisation and marketing localisation, among other types of content localisation.

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This article will explore which industries can benefit from using LSPs over other methods of communication between two countries.

1. Agriculture

Farmers can benefit significantly by using language services to connect with their customers. If a farmer sells cucumbers, they might want to translate their website into Korean to increase sales in that area.

Farming has been around for thousands of years, but agriculture has changed dramatically since its inception. Today, farmers have access to new technology that helps them grow crops faster than ever before, and one of these technologies is translation software. Translation software allows farmers to connect with their customers worldwide to sell their products in multiple languages, in turn, which means increased profits for farmers!

2. Education

Translation and interpretation services can help schools promote cultural diversity and protect non-English-speaking students from bullying. Many schools have begun to recognise that language barriers often contribute to students’ difficulty communicating with teachers, classmates, and parents.

While schools are required by law to provide English classes for non-native speakers, educators need to keep in mind that oral solid communication skills are often essential for learning basic math and reading skills.

3. Engineering

Creating, maintaining and modifying scientific or technological products, structures, processes or systems. From Wikipedia, The working world has witnessed some rapid changes in the past few years, which is one of the reasons why employers are constantly on the lookout for professionals with skills to meet their needs.

One of these skills is technical writing. If you are interested in technology and want to know how you can improve your career prospects by learning technical writing, then continue reading. If you’re interested in learning more about technology careers, check out our guide: Technology Careers: What They Are and How to Get Them. It covers everything from what kind of training you need to what it’s like daily. There’s also information about salaries, job outlooks and more!

4. Healthcare

With around 3 billion people who speak English as their first language and over 80% of medical students learning English as a second language, it’s no surprise that communication problems are often part of what brings someone to their local doctor.

A healthcare professional who is more confident in speaking, reading, writing and understanding spoken English is far more likely to provide adequate care. They can also have more explicit discussions with fellow colleagues or patients about complex or challenging topics, making them better equipped to make crucial decisions during stressful times.

5. Publishing and Printing

There are several reasons why publishing is an excellent industry for language service providers. First, authors and publishers need editors to ensure quality control. Second, there’s always room for proofreading and formatting.

And third, companies in publishing need localisation experts to reach out to audiences that speak other languages. In addition, publishers rely on translators and interpreters when they host events abroad or publish books in different languages. It’s a great time to become a publishing language services provider, so take advantage of it!  Also, you may visit for certified language translation services that you may need for your publishing.

6. Information Technology

Technology continues to advance quickly, which means IT companies and developers must keep pace. This is not only true for software systems but also for websites. These days it’s rare to find any commercial website that does not use some type of translation service to optimise its content for foreign language markets. Farsi translators can be especially helpful in reaching out to Iran’s large population.

The one thing you need to know about Farsi translation services: It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is—if you want to succeed in Iran, you need a website that speaks Farsi. In fact, if you don’t have one already, your competition probably does.


A successful business is constantly working to improve itself. From customer service to operational procedures, it takes an entire team to grow and scale. You can rely on external sources of assistance—like language services providers—to support your goals and objectives.

And as you move forward, remember that there’s always room for improvement. Whether you want to increase productivity or simply reduce costs, look at every aspect of your operation with fresh eyes. We’re sure you’ll find something new to work on with a bit of creativity and innovation!