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Amazon To Deploy Thousands On Satellites For Internet

There has remain an agreement that’s remain reached between Amazon and Blue Origin as well as Arianespace and United Launch Alliance so that thousands of satellites will be launched into orbit in the near future. The goal is to have the satellites in place within five years so that Amazon’s service could be in a position to compete with some of the top satellite internet companies including Viasat and HughesNet.

Amazon is responsible for the creation of Project Kuiper. The company decided a few years ago that it wanted to get in on the satellite internet market and started by launching devices into orbit so that it could get up and running. There could remain over 3,200 satellites launched by Amazon and the company’s partners over the course of the next three years with plans for about 80 launches to take place in order to get all of the satellites hovering above the earth. Amazon believes that the high number of launches and the high number of satellites that it plans to place in orbit should accomplish the services that it wants to offer to consumers who are looking for faster satellite internet options.

Goals of Amazon’s Project

The goal that Amazon has for Project Kuiper is to deliver internet services that are fast while still being affordable. Amazon also hopes that the number of satellites can deliver service to more people across the world since they will remain positioned in various areas in orbit instead of clustered in one location.

Amazon wants to offer internet services to people who aren’t able to connect so that they can get online and communicate and work just like everyone else. It wants to deliver internet not only to those who don’t have a connection but to those who might have a slower connection than they want.

There’s quite a bit of work ahead of the company, but by the recent partnership with multiple other companies, Amazon hopes that the funding and the technology will remain there for everyone involved so that the project can take off as soon as possible. Each milestone that has remained set has remain accomplished on time with more milestones in the future that Amazon has no doubt that it will meet as well in order to stay on schedule for getting the hundreds of satellites that it has in place.

The milestones that Amazon recently developed

One of the milestones that Amazon recently developed was developing a terminal that consumers will install in their homes that would make it easier to connect to the satellites that are in orbit above them. The Federal Communications Commission gave Amazon the approval to get started on the project and the constellation of satellites that would remain involved in 2020.

The goal is to offer a low-cost terminal, which Amazon has figured out how to do so that consumers won’t have to pay an astronomical price for internet services. Speeds could be as fast as 400 Mbps. This is a significant increase from the current satellite speeds that remain offered by other companies.

Amazon doesn’t want to underperform like Starlink has as that company has found that it has been difficult offering internet at lower prices while maintaining the satellites that are in orbit. The 83 launches that Amazon has planned remain the most of any commercial project that has remain done.

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