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BioMetric Impressions – Services, Locations, Scan Fingerprinting, and More

What is Biometrics?

Biometrics are body measurements and calculations that relate to human characteristics. Also, Biometric authentication is used in computing as a form of identification and access control.

About BioMetric Impressions

BioMetric Impressions Corp., founded in 2008, was founded with the idea that customer service comes first.

Our customers and the relationships we have built continue to motivate us as we strive to be “the leading provider of live fingerprint scanning services” in the United States.

Also, No matter what your fingerprint needs or where they are, contact us and find out why we are the best in our industry.

Biometric Printing Services

Firstly, with over half a million fingerprints, BioMetric Impressions Corp. is the right company for you.

Also, we offer a variety of affordable live fingerprint scanning services.

Not to forget, our customer service is second to none!

Also, whether you are coming to one of our many locations or visiting, BioMetric Impressions Corp. does the job professionally and efficiently.

Our goal is to show you accurate information about the product. Manufacturers, vendors, and others provide what you see here, and we haven’t verified it.

However, Biometric Impressions Corp is an authorized livescan fingerprint provider in Illinois.

Also, we use these FD-258 fingerprint cards with FBI-certified printers in each of our offices.

Then, it is the standard applicant fingerprint form (FD-258) accepted by the FBI, the US Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services, and law enforcement agencies.

Also, the FD-258 fingerprint cards are widely used for non-criminal purposes.

Example, Look no further, the quality of our FD-258 fingerprint cards won’t get any better! Find out why we are the best!

Then, latest version of the FBI Fingerprint Card FD-258, (Rev. 5-15-17) 1110-0046, with the newest privacy notice.

Also, we can use it for work permits, licenses, and child fingerprint identification.

Then, Printed on heavy cardboard paper (SFI certified and contained 10% post-consumer paper)

Also, we can use with the traditional ink and roll method or on an FBI certified live scan printer

However, it is manufacturing and producing  a certification veteran and minority company


Occasion: Fingerprints, Record-keeping, Employment, FBI cards, Immigration, Licensing, Fingerprint cards, Security

Manufacturer: Biometric Impressions Corp.

Count: 250

Number of Sheets: 250

Color Category: Blue

Contained Battery Type: 1

Model: Fd-258

Ink Color: Blue

Brand: BioMetric Impressions

Piece Count: 250

Also, Recommended Use: Fingerprinting, Fingerprints, Record-keeping, Employment, FBI cards, Immigration, Security, Licensing, Fingerprint cards

Count Per Pack: 250

Product Name: FD-258 Fingerprint Card – Blue, 250 Pack (Blue, 250): Biometric Impressions Corp.

Condition: New

Then, Compatible Devices: Livescan printers, Inkpad, Ink-pad, Ink pads, Live-scan, Ink-pads

Size: 8″ x 8″

Material: Card stock, Paper

Manufacturer Part Number: BIOMIMP-250-258BLU

Paper Size: 8in x 8in

Color: Blue

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