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IoT Bolt – Features, Modules, IoT Bolt Projects, Tutorials, and Analysis

Bolt IoT platform gives you the capability to control your devices and collect data from IoT devices safely and securely no matter where you are.

How Does IOT BOLT Work?

The Bolt IoT platform gives you the ability to securely control your devices and collect data from IoT devices, no matter where you are.

Get actionable insights by implementing machine learning algorithms in just a few clicks to detect anomalies and predict sensor readings.

Although the IoT is growing at an extraordinary rate, developers and manufacturers worldwide cannot keep up with its development rate. This is due to the large number of separate elements required to create a project.

You have to add, learn to integrate yourself out of a mess of resources in the network.

Bolt has the right tools to help you build your projects at lightning speed.

bolt iot

Iot Bolt Modules

1) hardware module

2) cloud of lightning

3) analytics

4) machine learning

Hardware Module

Connect sensors to the WiFi-enabled Bolt microcontroller module.

Bolt Cloud

Configure, monitor, and control your devices remotely.


Gain insights through visualization and machine learning

Machine learning

Recite the following record with ML

bolt iot

Training in IoT and ML

Excellent online video training for those looking to get started with IoT and machine learning to learn to create projects from the basics.

Also, the training prepares you for the job search by teaching the basics of IoT and ML and issuing you a certificate upon completion.


WiFi-enabled Microcontroller Module

However, a simple interface to quickly connect your hardware to the cloud via GPIO, UART, and ADC.

It can also be connected to MODBUS, I2C, and SPI with an additional converter.
Robust communication

Also, bolt is equipped with industry-standard protocols to ensure fast and secure communication of your device data with the cloud.


Bolt has built-in safeguards to protect all user data from unwanted hacks and interference from third parties.

Bolt Cloud

Firstly, the Bolt Cloud gives you various advanced features like remote configuration, code editor, etc., along with an intuitive user interface to make your project development faster than ever.

Secondly, we are adding more features to the cloud regularly.

Remote Configuration

The platform allows you to configure the pins of your WiFi Bolt module remotely.

It means that you can adapt to changes made to the hardware configuration remotely if you want to add additional sensors or actuators to your existing product.

The setup is very intuitive, thanks to the GUI-based pin selector on the board.

Code Editor

Bolt Cloud offers you the option of coding directly on the dashboard and uploading the codes saved offline.

These codes that you create are your “products” and can be linked to any of your Bolt “over the air” devices.

Smartphone App

To complete the platform, there is a mobile application for Android and iOS that allows you to connect the hardware to the cloud and upload the application you have created for monitoring or control.

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