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electric shaversWhat Are Electric Shavers?

The electric shavers (also known as a dry razor, electric razor, or simply straight razor) is a razor with an electrically powered rotating or oscillating blade. Also, The electric shavers usually does not require shaving cream, soap, or water.

The electric shavers can be powered by a small DC motor, either battery or mains-powered, and rechargeable batteries power many modern ones.

Alternatively, an electromechanical oscillator driven by an AC-activated solenoid can be used. Some of the earliest mechanical razors had no electric motor and had to be powered by hand.

Razors: What To Look For

Razors with reusable handles and replaceable blades are called shaving systems.

Most of these are equipped with three, four, or five blades, and some also have a trimmer blade at the rear of the blade cartridge.

Disposable razors are sold in multi-packs and are significantly cheaper than shaving systems.

Disposables range from cheap and unsightly versions that make you reach for strips to multi-blade models that provide a quality shave similar to what you’d expect from a system shaver.

electric shaversHere are some other features to look for in your razors:

Multi-Edge = Better Results

Razors with three or more blades will likely give you a closer, more comfortable shave than razors with only one or two blades.

More blades give the razor the best chance of getting a close shave and cutting as much hair as possible.

Electric vs. Manual Razors

Cordless razors with oscillating blades look impressive, but we haven’t found them to perform better than traditional manual razors.


The sliding strips soothe the skin after the blades have shaved the beard.

Some disposable razors with sliding strips can shave just as well as a cartridge razor system, but make sure they have multiple blades and a pivoting/pivoting shaving head.

Cutting Blades

Trimmer blades come in handy when you need to trim sideburns or beards.

The guards under the razor blades also help smooth the skin before the edges cut into the beard.

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