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MSNBC Criticized YouTube for calling Joy Reid an “Educated” guest on critical racial theory: “a shame.”

You heard about metrics on Twitter, but MSNBC found one on YouTube this week too.

The headline on the left cable network of a video in which Joy Reid continually interrupts and even disparages a Conservative guest this week, “Critics of Racial Theory of Critical Schools of Joy Reid on Jurisprudence,” was not well received.

The YouTube video, which has over 110,000 views, received over 10,000 likes compared to just 1,000 likes, and the comments are devastating.

Reid invited Christopher Rufo to the critical theory of race.

Still, it was less of an interview than an inquisition, as Reid repeatedly spoke, interrupted, and even insulted his guest, calling him “dear” and “quasi-historian.”

As CNN, FOX News, and MSNBC Reported on the Election on YouTube

If you’re like me, you’ve seen more cable news in the past week than you did last year.

On Friday, I finished the John King sentences and named every county in Pennsylvania and Georgia, though the continued advance of Twitter fragmented my attention.

Now that their race has been called and Joe Biden is president-elect.

I wanted to look at YouTube coverage from the week’s top news channels: CNN, FOX News, and MSNBC.

All networks provided 24/7 election coverage, but none uploaded more videos than MSNBC.

While the average views per video were well below CNN and FOX News, the total views exceeded the other networks by 5 million.

The best videos from each channel indicate why America feels so divided right now.

Viewers who only saw one of the three networks would have emerged from the election with entirely different perspectives on reality.

Perhaps the most insightful metric is the Likes% (vs. Dislikes), which tracks the percentage of likes a video receives for each dislike.

When we watch the videos with the lowest rate of tastes, we get a unique insight into viewers’ thoughts on each channel.

FOX News, aimed at a conservative audience, had 19 videos with more “dislikes” than “likes.”

msnbc youtube

Unsurprisingly, these videos contained content that Trump supporters did not kindly take, including the following:

Biden Turns to the Nation

USA approaches 10 million marks for COVID-19 cases

Buttigieg: What Biden wants for America is what most Americans think is suitable for the nation

Sen Romney: It is essential for democracy that we do not suspect fraud

Former Governor Kasich says the Left “almost” cost Biden’s election

The comments on the videos above contained shared narratives backed by Trump and his grassroots:

The president won the election, that COVID-19 is being hyped, and that FOX News has sold itself to the media and is not trustworthy, no longer.

MSNBC, which leans heavily to the left, had three videos with more dislikes than likes.

Similar to FOX News, the videos were unsurprising as they contradicted the ideology of a typical viewer.

Lindsey Graham wins South Carolina Senate race, NBC News Projects

With millions of votes yet to be tallied, Trump falsely claims he won

Mitch McConnell is set to win the race in the Kentucky Senate, NBC News Projects

The opinions expressed in the videos above were primarily people who shared both their surprise and lack of what remain mentioned in the videos.

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Unlike FOX News and MSNBC, CNN didn’t have a single video with more “dislikes” than “likes.”

His lowest percentage of likes is 64%, which we see in a video says that Trump can run again in 2024.

Whatever your opinion on the elections, it is clear that the news we consume affects our beliefs and vice versa.

It’s hard to imagine that this will change, especially when anyone can be an editor.

Still, maybe we can all learn a little more about what people with different ideologies are consuming to understand better where they’re from.

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