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Neopets Stock Market – The Complete Guide and Shares Report

What is the Stock Exchange?

A neopets stock market exchange is where you can invest in companies and hopefully profit by trading stocks with other people.

A company can choose to offer a percentage of itself to the general public. That means anyone can invest in this company if they want neopets stock market.

If you’re going to buy part of a company, you have to buy a stock. Action is the name given to that part of the company neopets stock market.

It does not mean that you own the business, just that you have invested in neopets stock market.

neopets stock market

How do I find the exchange?

The stock exchange is in the playroom. He is represented by Nigel the Chia. (He is wearing a suit and has a cell phone in his hand).

Click on Nigel, and you are in the stock market.

Is there a particular limit to the number of shares I can buy?

Yes, there is a daily limit on the number of shares you can buy. You are only allowed to buy or sell up to 1000 shares per day.

How do I find a specific stock?

You can find a specific stock by clicking the Find Stock link at the top of any stock exchange page. You can enter the company name or click the link for a complete list of companies on this page.

What is a ticker symbol?

A stock symbol has quick ways to find a company. Each company chooses a combination of 2-4 letters to abbreviate its name. It is unique to every company.

For example, Lupe Consolidated has the ticker symbol LUPE. Powlex Corporation has the ticker symbol POWL.

How do I choose which stocks I can buy?

neopets stock market

It is entirely up to you. Buy stocks of products that you believe or think will make a good business idea.

In general, it is good practice to buy stocks that are relatively low in price so that they generally go up rather than go down.

Alternatively, some people prefer to invest in stable stocks that have always been high.

Another way to choose an action is to click the Offers link at the top of the page or do some research by reading the steps on the News / Research page.

These two sides can lead you to good deeds.

Why doesn’t my inventory change?

Stock prices only change when stocks are bought or sold. If no one is buying and selling the stocks you’ve purchased, the price is unlikely to change unless there is a market crash.

Is there some way to find out how my stock’s competition is doing?

To learn more about the company and your competitors, click the Profile link above and on the Exchange page. To search for a company on this page, you need to know its ticker symbol.

It is the 2-4 letter symbol that abbreviates your company name.

Please write it down and hit the go button. It will take you to a page that lists your company’s current competitors and gives you a link to learn more about your company.

How do I see my actions?

To view your stocks, click the My Portfolio link at the top of any page on the exchange.

How do I buy stocks?

To buy new stocks, click the Buy link at the top of any stock page.

How do I sell stocks?

To sell your stocks, click the Sell link at the top of any stock exchange page.

When should I buy my shares?

In general, it is best to buy stocks when their prices are pretty low.

When should I sell my shares?

In general, stocks are the best selling when their prices are high or have risen since buying.

Do I earn Neopoints when I play this game?

Yes, if you sell your shares at a higher price than when you bought them, you will earn Neopoints, but remember that you will lose Neopoints if you sell your shares at a lower price!

What is volume?

It is the number of shares that were bought and sold in a single day. The higher this number, the more activity there will be with this promotion!

What is curr?

It is the current price (in Neopoints) of a particular share.

What does open mean?

It is the opening price of a share, the price at the beginning of the day.

What does the amount mean?

It is the number of shares you own from a given stock.

What is a bull market?

The bull market is when the demand is rising.

What are the Stocks?

A stock is a small part of the business; when anyone buys stocks, you own a tiny percentage of the company you invested your money in.

For example, let’s say you decided to buy a new company share for $ 1.
Over time, this company may increase in value as it makes more money until the shares you originally paid for only $ 1 are now worth $ 5.

If you own several thousand of these stocks, you’ll make a big profit.

However, it can work either way. Also, the company you invested in could lose a lot of money.

And the value of the shares you bought could drop to 50 cents each, or worse, the company could go bankrupt, and your claims can be worth absolutely nothing.

In today’s real-world, investing in stocks can be a big gamble – sometimes it’s worth it, sometimes it’s not.

The Nepalese Stock Market

Although they share some similarities, the Nepalese stock market is very different from the real stock market.

You can buy and sell shares of 43 different companies on the Nepal Stock Exchange. (There are 13 more that have gone bankrupt over the years, so you can’t trade them.)

Stock prices are updated every 30 minutes (plus a few seconds). Also, there are no times when the market is “closed”; stocks are updated during the day, every day.

Not all stocks will change in price with these updates; most will stay the same.

Daily statistics on volume (the number of shares bought) and opening price are reset when updated at 4 pm. NST.

The value of a single stock can never fall below 6 NP even if it does not have a known high value.

Apart from current prices, we cannot distinguish the different companies functionally.

Years ago, the stock market influenced the performance of certain Nepalese companies.

For example, Hubert’s hot dog stock increased in value depending on how many items he sold at the store of the same name.

However, this resulted in user groups joining together and buying entire stores to inflate the value of their stock.

These days, the stock price updates are random, but they follow some patterns described later in this article.

Buy Your Shares

The best place to buy stocks is on the Stock Offers page. It is a list of the cheapest stocks available on Neopia right now.

I would bookmark this link or use their Jellyneo Dailies service to remind you to visit every day.

Also, you are only allowed to buy shares that are currently trading at 15 PN or more each.

When choosing a stock to buy, the general rule of thumb is “buy low, sell high,” so it is best to select only stocks that trade for 15 NP as this is the cheapest you can buy.

However, if you are going for the Boon, more affordable by the dozen, on the battlefield, you can buy stocks that cost only 10 NP!

Scroll down the list of stocks in the bid list (the one you got when you find the first company whose stock is trading at 15NP.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what all the numbers mean:

Icon: a small picture of the category it belongs to. It doesn’t mean anything. It’s just a fun way to differentiate between companies.

Ticker: A ticker with 2 to 5 letters; Think of it as a nickname.

Company Name: A complete list of active companies can be found here.

Volume: Current total of shares bought on that day.

Opening Price: How many Neopoints each share was worth at the last daily reset.

Current price: How many Neopoints the share is currently worth.

Change: the total percentage of changes in the price of this stock over the day. A green number means an increase, and a red number represents a decrease.


Let’s say what you see the first time you buy stocks. You can see Stuff-A-Pet Inc. and The Neopian Auction House are trading at 15 PN per share to choose either one.

To buy stocks, you can click on the ticker for the company you want to buy, and you will be taken to a completely useless screen listing the other companies in that category.

Just click on the company name again, and you will be taken to a screen that looks like this:

Click the little button, and voila! Congratulations, you have just bought your first set of shares!

The maximum that you can buy daily is 1000 shares.

It is up to you what you want to buy from one company and if you wish to buy a few hundred from many different ones.

As you buy more stocks every day, you’ll want to diversify your portfolio, which is just a fancy word of saying, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”

Changes in stocks are random, and it can take a long time for a company’s stocks to reach a point where it is worth selling.

To improve your chances, you should invest in as many different companies as possible. If you choose from multiple companies with 15NP shares, buy the company with the fewest shares or buy a uniform number.

The Waiting Game

After buying your stocks, you have no choice but to wait until you are satisfied with the profit margin.

It’s a better idea to check your portfolio at least once a day (or a particular stock is doing exceptionally well and you’re considering selling). Here is an overview of the wallet screen and what it means.

Sell: Clicking on this little triangle opens the option to sell these stocks.

Symbol, ticker, opening price, current price, change: As before.

Amount – How many shares in that company you currently own.

Also, how much you paid – Self-explanatory but crucial to get the avatar.
Value – How much your stocks would be worth if you sold them now.

Change since purchase: How much the inventory has changed since purchase. As before, green means an increase, and red means a decrease.

You have to pay some particular attention to the current price, as this ultimately decides whether you want to sell your shares or not.

How long you wait is completely up to you, although most players choose to sell at 60.

It’s a good idea to set a cut-off point and stick to it. If you prefer to have the Neopoints asap, you can sell the stocks once they hit 30, or even less if you are impatient.

Also, the only “wrong” time to sell is when your stocks are in the red, meaning you are losing money. It may look like the best option to reduce your losses and sell them before you lose any more money, but hold on. They will slowly rise over time.

Years ago, companies sometimes went bankrupt, and all money invested was lost forever.

However, it is believed that it was manual intervention by TNT, and this has not happened since November 2004, which means there is nothing to worry about anymore.

Unlike the real world, you can be guaranteed to profit from all of your actions over time. It’s just a matter of waiting.

Selling Stocks

When your stock hits that “magic number” and you’re ready to sell it, it’s time to check out Nigel the Chia. On the Portfolio page, click the small triangle to the left of the icon for the stocks you want to sell.

Next, a small drop-down menu will appear asking how much of the amount you wish to collect.

The Blessing of the Stock Market

Some factions offer the option to activate the blessing, cheaper by the dozen if you take their side and emerge victorious from the Obelisk battlefield.

This advantage allows you to buy shares that sell at 10NP per share instead of the usual limit of 15NP, which means that you can make even more profit on the subsequent sale.

Quick Tips

Use the Bargain Stocks page to find stocks

Always buy stocks valued at 15 or 10 np when you have the blessing, cheaper by the dozen, active; if there is none the first time, try again later in the day.

Also, if you can afford it, always buy the maximum allowed of 1,000 shares per day.

Whenever possible, buy shares of different companies

Never sell at a loss

Please have at least 20 NP ready to pay Nigel when he sells.

Nigel the Chia

When you visit the stock exchange, you will be greeted again by Nigel the Chia, who will try to surprise you with his flashy gadgets and boast of owning the only car in Neopia.

Do not let him fool you, though: he has no idea what he’s talking about when it comes to stocks!

The random event that suggests investing in a particular company is unexpected; it has no inner knowledge.

Detailed Storage Behavior

Shares on the Neopets stock market are what statisticians call Markov chains. All of this means that values change randomly but follow a probability distribution, and that the probability distribution (that is, the closest possible values of a stock) depends only on the current value of the stock.

All neopets stocks at a given price behave in the same way.

The section shows why 60 is a smart and popular selling point of neopet stock – statistically unlikely to go much higher.

However, when you are up against enormous odds above 100, it may be worth sticking with it – the price moves around the 3-digit numbers instead of going down again!

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Summary Table

The data used for this table and the following sections were collected by Jellyneo as of May 2018 and was last checked in May 2021 Data!

More detailed distributions of neopet stock by area can be found in the next section.

Also, special credit goes to u / not-the-artist on Reddit, whose posting with their data inspired this kind of analysis.

Detailed Behavior by Value

Each section here provides a summary of what Jellyneo collected.

Some noisy or uneven graphics are likely due to relatively tiny sample size; likely, “real” distributions programmed by Neopets are smoother/more uniform, and some average changes are zero.

When grouping a range of values (for example, “10 to 20 NP”), it has been found stocks with all matters in that range follow the same distribution.

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Decide When, What and How many to Buy?

People use different buying strategies depending on their play style.

Almost everyone agrees on maximum profit because you shouldn’t buy stocks when prices are high.

In general, purchase stocks between 15Np and 20Np is a suitable method, as it offers the highest profit margin.

What you buy follows this same principle.

Unlike in real life, stock prices are completely random (or determined by a formula known only to TNT).

You want to buy more than any other factor based on the share price.

How many shares you buy is a matter of personal preference. As shown above, the more you buy, the more profit you can make, but it also requires a higher initial investment.

A standard method is to buy the daily maximum of shares (1,000) of a company each day, usually a company whose shares are at 15 Np (the minimum price can be bought).

If there is more than one company selling at 15Np, you can only choose one or divide your 1,000 purchases between them.

To find the cheapest neopian stocks, you can take a look at the Bargain Shares page.

If you buy in lots of 1,000, you will earn Np 1,000 for every point that the shares exceed the amount paid.

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When and How Many to Sell?

Selling is again a matter of personal preference for stock market neopets.

To make a profit, you want to sell when your stocks are worth more than you paid for them. However, it can help if you were careful.

A stock you bought at 15Np might one day be worth 40Np, but then it will drop to 20Np or less during the day. You take a risk every time you sell.

Prices always change. If you wait too long, a high price can drop significantly for a long time.

Likewise, if you sell too early, prices could go up, and you would lose the extra profit you would have made if you waited.

For stock market neopets, some people sell when their stock reaches a specific price; others sell when they are happy with the profit they make from the sale.

In neopian stocks, remember that every time you trade stocks, there is a fee.

Whether you sell one share of one company or 5,000 shares of 18 different companies, the price is always 20 NP.

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