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PlayStation is a video game brand consisting of five home video game consoles, two handheld devices, a media center and a smartphone, as well as an online service and various magazines.

The brand is produced by Sony Interactive Entertainment, a division of Sony.

Also, the first PlayStation console was released in December 1994 in Japan and the following year worldwide.

Characteristics Of PlayStation

Save Energy

Sometimes you get pulled out of the action and forget you left the console on.

To avoid wasting energy or draining your controller’s battery you can go to Settings > System > Battery Saver.

Capture Screenshots And Videos

Sony has built in the ability to capture screenshots and game play videos, as well as the streaming option.

All you have to do is press the Create button to the left of the controller’s touchpad.

Set Up Remote Play

Remote Play is the solution you are looking for. You can enable it from Settings > System > Remote Usage.

With this feature, you can stream the action from the PS5 to a PS4, PC, Mac or even a smartphone.

Beware Of Spoilers

Everyone hates spoilers, but the PS5’s home screen and menus are littered with screenshots that could reveal things about the game you’re playing.

To avoid spoilers, go to Settings > Saved Data > Game/App Settings > Spoiler Alerts

Get More Immersive Sound With 3D Audio

A key feature of the PS5 is 3D audio, allowing game developers to associate sound effects with everything around you.

It helps reinforce the illusion that you’re actually in the area, but you’ll need to use headphones or earbuds to benefit from it.

3D audio is enabled by default, so plug your headset into your controller and you should hear the difference right away.

 Play Astro’s Arcade And Clear It

Astro’s Playroom is installed on every PS5 and is well worth checking out.

Plus, this fun 3D platformer is packed with PlayStation references for a dose of warm, fluffy nostalgia.

But it also does a great job of showing what the new DualSense controller is capable of.

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