What is Robotics?

Robotics is a very discipline that deals with design, operation, manufacture, study, and automata use.

In addition, robotics combines mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and electrical engineering

The field of robotics machine building is a fascinating and intricate one; it includes designing, constructing and programming robots for performing various tasks. It’s a melting pot of engineering, computer science and mechanics. All you limit is the imagination.

And biomedical engineering, computer science, and other disciplines.

Robotics is at the forefront of this path of technological development, i.e., tool design.

Its main job is to create a fantastic tool that can perform many of the tasks people are currently doing.

However, more efficiently and faster or under conditions and environments that would be inaccessible to humans.

In a sense, the robot is the most competent tool.

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History of Robotics

The popular word “robot” comes from the Czech word robot, which means nothing more than “slave.”

Likewise, the word robotics is a discipline.

This viral science fiction writer was one of the most famous cultivators of the imaginary robot future.

Details on Robotics

However, the history of robotics can be traced much earlier or more efficiently.

Also, in the desire of the present man to build beings according to his image and likeness.

Which, however, could relieve you of tedious work.

In the 3rd century BC C. The Chinese writer Lie Yukou Lie Zi wrote a story about a mechanical, human figure.

Also, in the pneumatics and automaton texts by Heron of Alexandria in the 1st century BC.

Hence the ideas of machines and automatons that are capable of doing what humans cannot do emerge.

Then, first stolen robots appeared between 1950 and 1960.

They were busy with simple, mechanical, and automated industrial tasks.

In addition, it was placed on the surface of Mars by the former Soviet Union’s space project.

What are the Characteristics of Robotics?

Robotics is nothing more than the science that studies robots.

And as such, it focuses on the various disciplines required to design and manufacture them.

Then, task is to develop a functioning robot.

The job of robotics is to develop the different aspects of a functional robot, which are:

First and foremost, it’s autonomy and artificial intelligence.

Second, it’s persistence and usability, its planning and control mechanisms, and it uses machine learning.

Third, it is also a relatively young discipline, the applications of which have had a big impact in real life.

After all, it is also a source of distrust and fear on the part of society.

How is Robotics Structured?


They have a lot of moving parts.

Mobile phones

They are of the rolling or automobile type.


Zoomorphs mimic the shape of some animals.


Anthropomorphs imitate the shape of humans.

Advantages of Robotics

Some advantages are:

Help in medicine

Medicine that enables remote operations controlled by specialized medical or computer software.

Also with a very high rate of precision, using arms and other robotic tools.

War applications

War application that makes automated bombers and other new forms of technological weapons.
Whether this is an advantage is up for debate.