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SEO vs PPC: Which Way To Better Sales?

When running a business, a time comes when there is a need for advertisement. Whatever the reason; more traffic, unique customers or brand awareness, strategy is important. If you don’t have a proper strategy, then your plan has a half chance of failing before it starts. For better planning, you can consult with a digital marketing agency in Adelaide.

Advertising in online business involves two ways. One is by optimizing your content and getting on the radar for a long time. The next one involves money, the more the better. We will discuss more on them later on in this blog.

The thing to know is that both of these strategies are good. They both have their advantages and at times, disadvantages as well. Moving on, we have put together a few of these for all, new ones and experienced alike.

When To Apply Which Technique?

The battle between SEO and PPC has been running for a long time. Every new marketer starting a business raises this issue and looks for an answer. Meanwhile, the experienced ones want to learn about the new changes in the market.

Every person works hard on the product; its design, formula or process, and its working. They put their time and money into the product and want the same with its advertising. For most the reason for that is simple; getting good quality traffic. Loyal customers are the heart and soul of a business. If you can reach them and connect, then you have the perfect strategy.

SEO: A Consistent Strategy

SEO or search engine optimization ranks your ad according to the quality of your content. Better optimization leads to higher ranks and vice versa. If you don’t have sound knowledge of SEO, then you will need an SEO service to do that for you. The traffic coming this way is organic and helps in consistent growth. The main target for most is Google because it is the biggest search engine. Yet, ranking in the top 3 on Google means you have to work harder and more, at each step. Moving on, the following are some of the pros and cons of advertising with SEO.


  • A Budget Friendly Approach

Since SEO is more focused on the quality of the content, the investment here is less to none at all. Still, the other type of investment is time and mind. These two are the biggest factors in making good content, SEO-wise. The main thing is researching competitors and keywords. They will help you gain ranks on searches, and with time the traffic starts flowing in.

  • More Organic Traffic

When your appearance on search engines is consistent, then your growth is also not far behind. More and more people searching every day can see your listing, and it grows organic traffic. Still, your product and the rest of the journey have to be worthy to hold this traffic. The leads generated via SEO have more chances of returning. This further helps in growing brand trust and brand awareness.


  • Long Term Investment

Moving forward with cons, the first one is that SEO is a slow process. It takes time to optimize your content and more when trying for good ranks. When working with SEO, keep in mind that it can work within a month or not even for years.

  • Hard to Learn and Apply

Another drawback is that not everyone understands SEO. It is a hard process to swallow and more so to apply in a professional setting. Many start working on optimizing their content and developing a strategy. Still, many fail either because it is too effort-consuming or because of the time it takes.

PPC: A Dominant Campaign

Now let’s talk about a PPC campaign. The pay-per-click strategy is what it says, you are paying for every click on your ad. The more money you invest in, the better the results, but you have to be wise about where to invest. If you can’t understand the market, then a good PPC Service will help you achieve that. Either way, you are investing in money so, the results are in your favor. PPC campaigns, if done right, can even dominate SEO results on ranking. Different factors affect the costing like CTR, CPC and ROI, but that is not our topic today. Here are some of the pros and cons that you get when working with a PPC campaign.


  • More Focused Traffic

PPC is helpful when a more specific audience is in mind. PPC is effective when you want to direct your ads to that and only that audience. Many people also use this when working with geolocations, also a good thing to start with. The traffic can be one-timers, window shoppers, or can also become returning customers.

  • Faster Growth

The second advantage is the fast rate of traffic that starts flowing with PPC ads. As soon as your PPC ad goes live, it takes minimal time for results to appear. It is safe to say that this is the main reason for many to go for PPC ads. The growth rate starts improving with time and more and more traffic comes in.


  • Constant Monitoring

Since you are working with money on the line, the first con of PPC is monitoring your ad(s). Moreover, you have to keep check and balance, to avoid wasting money. At any point, once you stop the ad the traffic stops and your ads hit the dead end.

  • Expensive to Use and Maintain

PPC campaigns are dependent on investing money. The traffic coming in is from paid ads, and once your budget ends, customers end as well. Another thing that adds up to costing is the lower profit margins. The pricing of ad clicks goes up with time, but your product or service is at a constant rate.

In Conclusion, Target Your Goals

Looking at the above statements, it is clear that both SEO and PPC help in gaining leads. The final decision is yours, and you should do that according to your goals. If you are building up from scratch, then SEO will help because it is less expensive. Afterwards, when you are in a more stable spot, you can use PPC to increase awareness.

It is safe to say that using SEO and PPC together is also helpful at times. You can use the knowledge gained from PPC to use in SEO. It will help you get good audiences, and efficient marketing will help in gaining leads. Many apply this strategy to gain solid grounds, and now it is time for you to make a choice.


SEO vs. PPC: Differences, pros, cons & an integrated approach

SEO vs. PPC: When to Use Which Search Marketing Method for Maximum Profit


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