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How To Stop Procrastinating When Working From Home

Procrastination has been the poison for most of us. Sometimes it is almost impossible to dismiss the calls of your beloved television series or your phone screen just waiting for you to stare at it for hours.

Not only is it worsening your eyes, but now you have cast your work aside and are back to scrolling or relishing in the climax of the newly released series.

These are temporary pleasures, and what do you think? Are they really helping you achieve your long-term goal? So, if you have reached this except after endless procrastination because you want to put an end to it, then we might be able to get some help.

In this excerpt below, we will be talking about all the methods you can stop procrastinating.

Yes, they work!

What Is Procrastination?

It is exactly what you are doing right now? Not finishing the assignment, which your boss probably would be asked for by the end of the day. Rather you are scrolling through this random article over the internet.

Good thing this ‘random article’ will be able to give you some relief. Procrastination is when you give in to the distraction around you, and although you should be finishing a task, you keep delaying it.

Sometimes if the task is too difficult, procrastination could be a way of avoidance. That is why we often find students procrastinating when there is a difficult math problem to solve or a big essay to write.

So, without any further adieu, let’s find out how you can stop procrastinating.

Methods Which Work

Here are the means and methods which have worked with heavy procrastinators. So, you can give them a try.

1. Limit Your Options

Nowadays, procrastination is getting even more common because of all the distraction which is present right in front of us. If not our phone, then the television or the iPad. Not to mention the endless series of OTT platforms that are giving up new releases every day, there is a simple way to manage this.

Yes, it is difficult, but delete all your OTT platforms and start downloading the content which you wish to watch. This way, your content can be downloaded while you are working. Download the part you wish to see by the end of the day, maybe two to three episodes. You can get them for free from rarbg, and save some extra penny by unsubscribing from OTT.

Try to limit your screen timing deliberately, and do not be a creature of these OTT platforms.

2. Try The Pomodoro

Pomodoro is an excellent method to start your work when you don’t want to take unnecessary breaks. This is a method where you do your work for hours and only take breaks every 25 minutes. This allows you to even schedule your break, and with this intensive structure, you will not have time to waste.

Intensive scheduling has many advantages, and one of them is not having scheduled time to waste. With the Pomodoro method, you will not exceed your break time.

3. Keep Surrounding Clean

If your surroundings have too many distractions, you are bound to procrastinate. Especially if it has items that are essentially more exciting than your work. For example, if you have a novel you are dying to read or your gaming console lying just beside you, how do you expect to get any work done?

Therefore, when you set up your workstation, ensure that only important items which are related to work are lying around. If you are in the middle of something, like watching a movie or reading a book, and now you plan to sit for your daily work, you should stop everything thirty minutes before.

Do some light admin work before you sit with the actual tasks.

All The Best!

So, there you have three things you can do right now to stop procrastinating. If it is getting too difficult to silence the loud thoughts and restlessness which is causing the distraction, then how about you sit steadily for ten minutes and close your eyes.

You do not have to go full meditation mode. Just put on some soothing music and take a few deep breaths for a few minutes. This will not only calm you but prepare you for a long day filled with hard work.

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