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T-Mobile Store Near Me – Find Best Mobile Phones, Plans, and Covers

T-Mobile Store Near Me

Your Personal Experience in the T-Store

We help you find T-Mobile Store Near Me, From top items to wish list destinations, T Mobile and Samsung have you covered.

Discover your next smartphone or tablet on one page.

T-Mobile is the brand name for the phone subsidiaries of the German telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom AG.

Also, the brand is active in the Czech Republic (T-Mobile Czech Republic), the Netherlands (T-Mobile Netherlands), Poland (T-Mobile Polska) and the USA (T-Mobile US).

However, Subsidiaries in other countries, including Albania (now One Telecommunications), Austria (now Magenta Telekom), Croatia (now Hrvatski Telekom), Germany (now Deutsche Telekom).

Also, Hungary (now Magyar Telekom), Montenegro (now Crnogorski Telekom), North Macedonia (now Makedonski Telekom), Romania (now Telekom Romania), Slovakia (now Slovak Telekom) and the United Kingdom (now EE Limited).

t mobile near me

Also, Deutsche Telekom has owned the holding company T Mobile International AG for its phone subsidiaries since 1999.

From 2003 to 2007, it was part of Deutsche Telekom services together with ‘Broadband / Fixnet’, ‘Commercial customers’ and ‘Group headquarters and shared services’.

Also, In 2009, Deutsche Telekom changed its structure to a regional structure (Germany, Europe, USA).

However, by merging previously separate fixed and communications subsidiaries into integrated local businesses, it itself merged with Deutsche Telekom AG.

Lastly, then T Mobile International AG existed, the holding company was based in Bonn, Germany.

Also, its subsidiaries operated cellular networks based on GSM, UMTS and LTE in Europe, the US, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

Also, T-Mobile International subsidiaries had about 230 million subscribers worldwide.

Lastly, Tmobile stores was the thirteenth mobile telephone operator in the world by subscribers.

Also, the fourth multinational after Vodafone of Great Britain, Airtel of India and Telefónica of Spain.

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t mobile near me

Firstly, the first mobile communication services in Germany were radiotelephony systems, owned and operated by the state postal monopoly Deutsche Bundespost.

Also, in 1985 it launched the first generation analog C-Netz (“C-Netz”, marketed as C-Tel), Germany’s first real mobile network.

Then, On July 1, 1989, the Federal Republic reorganized the Deutsche Bundespost and consolidated telecommunications into a new unit, Deutsche Bundespost Telekom.

On July 1, 1992, as a subsidiary DeTeMobil, sprint store near me, it put into operation Germany’s first GSM network together with the C network.

However, the 900 MHz GSM frequency band was called “D-Netz” and Telekom called its service D1.

Also, the private consortium with the second license (now Vodafone Germany) chose the name D2.


However, as part of the second phase of the communications reform in Germany.

Deutsche Bundespost Telekom was renamed Deutsche Telekom AG on January 1, 1995.

t mobile near me

Also, this deregulation process continued in November 1996 when DT was privatized and had what was then Europe’s largest IPO under the symbol “DT 1”.

So, in 1999, the holding company T-Mobile International AG & Co. KG was founded and look for mobile phones near me.

In 2002, when DT was consolidating its international activities, the name T-Mobil became T-Mobile.

Therefore, on July 5, 2005, Deutsche Telekom changed its structure and adopted a regional structure (Germany, Europe, USA)for information.

So, where full available, the local cell phone companies have been combined with the respective local land line companies to follow the integrated business approach, sprint near me.

However, in 2009, T-Mobile International AG merged with Deutsche Telekom AG.

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t mobile near me

T-Mobile Store Locations and Timings

State & Monroe

0.22 miles
36 S. State Street, Chicago, IL, 60603

Today’s Hours: 10am–7pm
Appointments available

Wabash & Randolph

0.46 miles
129 N Wabash, Chicago, IL, 60602

Today’s Hours: 10am–7pm
Appointments available


Randolph St & N LA Salle St

0.51 miles
100 W Randolph Ste 106 And 107, Chicago, IL, 60601

Today’s Hours: 8am–6pm
Appointments available


S Halsted St & W Quincy St

0.89 miles
239 S Halsted St, Chicago, IL, 60661

Today’s Hours: 10am–8pm
Appointments available

Halsted & Monroe

0.92 miles
120 South Halsted St Ste A, Chicago, IL, 60661

Today’s Hours • 11am–6pm • Open now
Appointments available

Clinton Corridor

0.98 miles
606 West Roosevelt Road, Chicago, IL, 60607

Today’s Hours: 10am–7pm
Appointments available


Best Buy 1142 Chicago Kiosk
0.98 miles
555 W Roosevelt Rd, Chicago, IL, 60607

Canal St & S Clinton St
0.99 miles
1236 S Canal St, Chicago, IL, 60607

Today’s Hours: 10am–8pm
Also, Appointments available


Magnificent Mile

1.2 miles
700 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL, 60611

Today’s Hours: 10am–8pm
Also, Appointments available

Chinatown Square

1.7 miles
2153 S China Pl Ste A, Chicago, IL, 60616

Today’s Hours: 10am–7pm
Also, Appointments available

You can also use tmobile store locator tmobile store locator to find t–mob ile near me.

Also, tmobile locator helps in figuring which store to visit based on the timings provided.

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