Technology and sleep deprivation seem to be entwined together like love locked in a couple of bedroom stalls. For instance, if you’re looking at a picture of a cute cartoon character, the chances are good that you’ll read the character’s name or get excited about what the character is doing on the screen. But if you’re not actively reading, you probably aren’t thinking about the cute minor cartoon character. The chances are good that you don’t care what the character is doing either. As such, technology and sleep deprivation aren’t closely intertwined. However, there s a rather peculiar term for it: vampiress, a reference to a medieval tale about mythical creatures that were, supposedly, born to sleep upon the shoulder of a sleeping person.

Technology And Sleep Deprivation

So, teenagers use #vampiress to tag their selfies while spending hours in front of their computers at night. Is this sleep deprivation? While it’s true that technology may affect sleep quality and quantity, there are many reasons that modern life might be conducive to sleep deprivation. One reason is that most people are busy, but that doesn’t give anyone time to unwind fully.

Technology and skimping are intertwined, and sleep quality is affected by both technology and society as a whole. People who work full time and cannot adjust their lifestyles to accommodate leisure time will find themselves unable to sleep at night. In addition to the apparent difficulties in getting enough sleep, people who suffer from chronic diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity will be forced to work extra hours to keep up with their hectic lifestyles. In short, it’s not all about the phones; you need to get off the computer and get out of the house so that you can recharge and wind down.

Amidst all these weight blankets has also gained its own set of popularity owing to its successful usage in assisting sleepers with PTSD, Insomnia, and other conditions. Like any other accessories for bed it also needs regular cleaning. Therefore the question arises how you can clean your weighted blanket? Washing a weighted blanket is little different from washing any other blanket as they are heavier and need utmost care information to wash them carefully without losing their integrity. They can be done following some of the important processes

  • First you need to get rid of the stains
  • Than you can wash your weighted blanket
  • Than you can dry your weighted blanket
  • Than you can air dry your blanket

How Technology and Sleep Deprivation Affect Teens

A recent study suggested that technology may be partially to blame for teenagers who cannot get a good night’s sleep. The paper published by Oxford University Sleep Disorders Centre found that on nights when teenagers were exposed to high levels of technology (cell phones, laptops, computers, video games), they experienced significantly more sleep deprivation. They also had more waking hours than when they were isolated. The study was published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Applied Physiology.

Technology And Sleep Deprivation

This study is critical because it points to how technology and sleep deprivation are related. Sleep deprivation can cause several serious health problems for teenagers, including a reduced performance at school and reduced grades. The effects can also lead to increased feelings of anxiety and depression. Not only that, sleep deprivation can have adverse effects on mental health and emotional well-being.

  • One reason teenagers are particularly susceptible to being wired at night is that they spend a lot of time on their computers. As teenagers grow up, many find it difficult to go back to an “old world” routine. Many of them find themselves glued to television shows, video games, and the internet. These sedentary habits cause teenagers to be less likely to exercise regularly, leading to obesity and other weight problems.
  • Teens who spend most of their time glued to a tv screen are also at greater risk of insomnia and sleeping disorders. After all, who likes to go to bed on a tv screen? It can be challenging to go back to the old habit of lying in bed, but sometimes the most superficial changes can make a big difference. For one thing, try finding an activity other than spending time on the tv that your teenager enjoys. If they always want to play games, try going to a friend’s house and having some card games.

  • There is another reason why technology and sleep deprivation remain linked in teenagers. The typical high-tech digital gadget or game often requires a person’s attention for an extended period. This means that a person is not getting the rest that they need to feel refreshed. Even if they are playing a game, the average length of time that a person remain hooked to a television set, computer monitor, or game console is two to three hours. Try finding an activity that will allow you and your teen to focus on each other for a shorter amount of time.
  • Another cause of sleeplessness is when people are working on a project or building something. When using a computer, many people find that they do not get enough physical shut-eye. They may find that they are easily distracted by what they remain doing on the screen. A great way to combat this problem is to make sure that there is a quiet place in the home where electronics can remain used. Many homes come with televisions that can remain left on all night if needed. It may take some effort to find a quiet place to work on the computer, but it is worth it to keep from losing track of time.

Technology And Sleep Deprivation

  • Teens may also struggle with how technology and sleep deprivation affect the teen because they feel like they have to use the computer and watch television simultaneously. They find it hard to go back to their habits of being alone and on their own. If a teen spends a lot of time online, they may find that they cannot connect with family members or friends when they are out of school. Technology offers us many benefits, but it also takes some away, especially for our teens.


Apart from all these even weight blankets which are basically heavy blankets that remain weight down by glass beads and poly pellets that are sewn into the pockets through the fabrics. Here are 10 benefits of weighted blankets that can remain established as follows 

  • It improves sleep quality,
  • Promotes melatonin production
  • Lowers anxiety level
  • Reduces symptoms of restless leg symptom (RLS)
  • Lowers Instant Panic attack
  • Alleviates anxiety induced Insomnia
  • Mimics a hug
  • Alleviates obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Improves behavior in children with ADHD
  • Lowers instances of panic attack


Teenagers have the most difficult time dealing with the changes that technology has brought to the world. In today’s society, teens spend the majority of their time online. They communicate with friends worldwide, groom themselves, and even take care of school and their other responsibilities. Technology has changed how we live our lives, but some think it has also taken away the time we should spend on ourselves. With all of the distractions and unknowns of technology, what can we do to deal with the effects?