Mobile Form

The way businesses work has changed dramatically thanks to technology. Technology has changed the way employees work. They no longer have to be at a desk to complete their work.

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Employees who work outside the office or in the field can use mobile forms to collect and submit data from their mobile devices in real-time. This allows business workflows to continue even when employees are not there.

Paper forms are also slower and have 50% more errors than mobile forms. This should be enough to convince you to switch from paper.

What Are Mobile Forms?

Mobile forms are apps for tablets and smartphones that enable the creation and submission of multiple types of forms. Just Like guide building an on demand delivery app. Mobile forms are an excellent tool for companies that have employees on the ground to streamline data collection. Companies can fill out and submit traditional paper forms, such as audits, reports, or inspections, via mobile devices using mobile forms.

Industries That Use Mobile Forms

Logistics and Transportation

The logistics industry, or any other industry involved in managing transport, is a common application for electronic forms. It can be cumbersome to track vehicle mileage or track deliveries. This is due to the need for a lot of paperwork and reporting. By aggregating all your logistics management requirements in one app, forms on mobile devices can help you avoid this.

Field Service

Field service businesses offer various services, including plumbing, HVAC repair, fire protection, and water treatment. Their work is primarily done off-site. They must be available at the client’s location and connected to their team back in the office. This is why many field service companies use Job Management Software.

Real Estate

Many property management and real estate companies also use mobile forms to simplify their processes. Data management can be daunting for real estate firms that deal with hundreds or thousands of properties.

A mobile app that can collect and analyze data in various formats can transform real estate and property of asana project management templates. You can combine photos, sketches, or geotags in one form. This can be used by account managers, construction workers, and real estate agents.

Health and Safety

The paper-based system that mobile forms are built on must be replicated by mobile forms. It is essential that you can keep a record of everything that the paper-based method did. You may need to take more notes depending on your industry. Mobile builder lets you add supporting data like:

  • Photos or images
  • Floorplans
  • Manuals
  • Schematics
  • Signatures
  • Time and data fields
  • Text notes are available for free
  • You can checkboxes
  • Toggles like Yes/No
  • Tables
  • Inventory, Parts, and Product Lists

Software providers can be used on both Android and Apple devices. Your team will be able to collect what they need, even though you may use various devices. For example, you want to launch a pharmacy delivery service, so the best way to start it will be asking help from the professionals

Humanitarian Efforts

Operational aspects of humanitarian efforts can be very complex. They often leave little time or no resources for those involved in data collection when there are more important matters at stake.

Data collection is essential in humanitarian efforts because there can be slight errors or delays in processing. Mobile forms can be used to automate some data collection and analysis tasks and speed up the process. This will increase productivity and efficiency.


Mobile forms are a portable and easy way to track employee time, log materials use, collect proof of service, etc., at geofenced sites. The cloud stores all recorded data in real-time, so there is no risk of losing data during fast-paced shifts and workdays. Instead of having to be transported, signatures and marks of approval can now be edited in real-time.

Benefits of Mobile Form Apps Over Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets can be used to transform the field data your team collects digitally. Spreadsheets are a standard tool for entering data. However, using a spreadsheet for field information will take up more time and prove inefficient.

These are some of the key benefits of using a mobile form instead of a spreadsheet.

The right tool for your job: A screwdriver is not the best tool to hammer a nail. Spreadsheets don’t collect data from the field. This is why mobile forms remain created. This ensures that they are consistent and reliable in their use.

Mobile forms can be customized: You will quickly realize that the data you gather doesn’t fit into the excel spreadsheet cells. This leaves you vulnerable to making mistakes. You will need to work with your team to find solutions.

Mobile forms are easier to use: Most people can fill out a form from their mobile phones. Clipboard forms remain intuitively designed not to have to remain taught how to fill them in.

Spreadsheets are not mobile-friendly: If you’ve ever tried to fill in a spreadsheet from your mobile, you’ll quickly realize that it’s not ideal.

Mobile forms are more efficient than paper records or spreadsheets. They save you time and money. Duplicating data for reports can be time-consuming, and it is possible to lose or misplace the data.

Final Words

The mobile form app can remain an excellent tool to optimize your workflow and processes. These multifunctional tools can remain tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. They can remain used in any industry, so you don’t waste time on paperwork and instead focus your efforts on more profitable ventures. Mobile Form