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Bitcoin vs Ethereum – Which one to buy?

Popularity of cryptocurrency is increasing with each passing day. People are investing quite good money in cryptocurrencies. In this decade, we have seen rapid growth in the market value and recognition of this digital currency.

The Crypto community is now creating hype by saying that cryptocurrency is the new future. It is already on the top in the asset class. The future of crypto seems promising and it has the potential to revolutionize the financial world.

Before choosing which among these two are better. First, let’s understand the core concepts of both. Only then can we decide the winner between two of the best cryptocurrencies.

All about Bitcoin:

Bitcoin is one of the first traded cryptocurrencies, which happened way back in 2009. This is also the most popular and highly invested cryptocurrency. Today, the estimated value of Bitcoin is in some trillions. No other coin is even near to this. Market gurus, big businesses, and even bigger names are investing in Bitcoin. If we talk about cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is the first name to come to our mind.

If we see the scenario worldwide, people are very much fascinated by the availability, market returns, and simple transactions system. We all know how banks act as an intermediary for any kind of transactions but in the case of Bitcoin, it is free from all these authorities. Bitcoin has a long history of investments; users have seen it growing with time. It is a volatile currency but most stable among other cryptocurrencies.

There is a limited number of available cryptocurrencies. This scarcity is also one of the reasons for the attention of investors. They do not want to let go of this opportunity to invest in a future game-changer. As per some reports, nearly 90% of total Bitcoin is already mined. This limited number is a factor in bringing uniqueness to Bitcoins.

All about Ethereum:

Ethereum first came in 2015 at that time its value was $3 but today the value rises to thousands of dollars. This is the second-largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. It too has a great user-base. Ethereum is operated as a decentralized network, that is, it is more of blockchain technology. Ethereum network also issues different other cryptocurrencies. This is an infrastructure on which other cryptocurrencies are based but has the potential to compete in the market in terms of investment.

Mainly developers are more interested in investing in Ethereum. This gives great hope that Ethereum could have a bigger market in the future. The Ethereum platform could also be used for security purposes in trading, which are great advantages of cryptocurrencies over other traditional currencies and coins. These are listed on Ethereum Trading Tips all over the internet to guide you on how to invest and deal with Ethereum.

Unlike some other cryptocurrencies, Ethereum is not mined instead it is obtained through a process called proof of stake. This process is less costly than mining and also doesn’t use that much electricity and hardware costs. So, the more the Ethereum staked the more will be the value. As there are chances of an increase in the number of Ethereum, it seems more promising for future investors who are yet to invest.

Which one to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum:

This is a tough question to answer, both have great investment returns. Offer the same kind of services and security. But the major difference between both of these is Bitcoin is a currency and Ethereum is mainly a technology.

The value of Bitcoin in 2021 is in trillions but almost 90% of Bitcoin is already mined and Ethereum is yet to increase its number. It signifies that Bitcoin is a digital scarce currency but more popular than Ethereum. Ethereum has a lower market than Bitcoin, but its total potential is yet to be identified.

If you are a newbie thinking of investing in cryptocurrency. You can go for either of them because this debate of Bitcoin vs Ethereum has no end. But cryptocurrency vs traditional currencies already have the winner, that is the cryptocurrency. So, to be in the game of future financial revolution consider investing in any of these two cryptocurrencies although both have volatile nature.

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