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Deep Mob Learning – Introduction, Mods, Features, Data Models, and More

What is Deep Mob Learning?

Mob learning is one type of machine learning that uses many small forecasting models. It takes after swarm intelligence which sees how swarms of birds or fish work in unison towards set objectives.

For instance, each sub-model in mob learning is built from just a fraction of the available data. Finally, predictions from all of the models are fused together into a single prediction. This method has proved successful with several tasks like image recognition, natural language processing, and fraud detection among others.

Deep Mob Learning is a mod that designs as an alternative to building a mob grinder. Deep Mob Learning allows the player to receive Mob Drops when they need energy and game items. He has a pretty good guide on the game.

Can’t access crafting recipes in JEI?

Enter “@deep” in your JEI search bar to see all the elements and blocks added by Deep Mob Learning.

Right-click on the zombie data model to bring up the crafting recipe. If nothing happens, your game is buggy. If the brewing recipe appears, everything is fine.

Those with the error cannot search many crafting recipes in the JEI for Deep Mob Learning items and cannot make these items at all.

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There is a solution to this error. Requires that you have cheats enabled.

Also, if you are playing without cheats, you can temporarily activate them by pressing Escape (Esc), pressing Open to LAN, Allow cheats: press Disable to activate it, then press Launch LAN World.

Your world will now have traps until you reload the world. Now open your chat (standard t key) and enter “/ function triumph: non_pacifist”.

You should be able to create and access crafting recipes that were previously unavailable.

Sooty Redstone

Put down a block of coal and left-click on it with the Redstone powder in hand.

Also, it turns Redstone powder into sooty Redstone, an essential ingredient in many deep mob learning recipes.


Now you know how to get a dingy red stone, you want to create a deep mafia learning guide with a book and a piece of soot-covered red stone.

This guide will find all the information you need to know to advance deep mafia learning.

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deep mob learning

The Hunt – Leveling Data Models

To grow mob drops for a specific mob, you need to get data on that mob. Also, you can do this with a block called Deep Learner.

Would you mind making one of them and taking it in your hand? Deep Learner stores data for all mobs you kill on devices called data models, as long as you have a data model that matches that mob type.

First, select some groups to hunt and create data models for them using the JEI recipes.

You can hunt around 4 mobs at the same time. Add all your data models to your Deep Learner by right-clicking with Deep Learner in hand and moving the data models into your inventory.

Also, you should now see the counts in the lower right corner of the screen indicating how many each mob type you need to kill to improve your data model.

Data Models

Data models increase when you kill mobs of their kind. All data models have the same history:

Defective to Base (6 kills)

Basic to Advanced (12 kills)

Advanced to Superior (30 kills)

Above Confidence (50 Kills)

Confidence is the highest level

A data model must be at least the basic level to be used in the next phase.

What do I do with my reconciled data models?

The simulation chamber

Now that you can have some data models that have been upgraded to at least the basic level let’s get down to the good stuff. Make a simulation camera and place it.

Turn on the simulation chamber and put some polymer clay in the upper right slot that contains an E.

Now you need to insert one of your data models into the simulation engine—Right-click on a data model in your inventory to move it to the simulation chamber.

As soon as the simulation chamber has a data model with at least Basic Tier, some Fimo, and some energy, the simulations are run.

Simulation Chamber Error

I discovered what I would call an error when placing a data model in the simulation chamber.

If you take a data model from your inventory and manually place it in the top left slot of the simulation chamber, the data model sometimes disappears.

I’m not sure what the exact cause of this is, but I can reproduce the deletion of the data model with 100% success by left-clicking on a data model in the simulation chamber.

If you want to check out, try it in creative mode. Also, I have never lost a data model by right-clicking on it to move it. That is why I recommend moving data models in and out of the simulation chamber.

How do I get this sweet booty?

The bootie manufacturer

Once you have some excellent stuff, you can finally get some mob drops. Create a loot maker, set it up, and give it some power. Right-click on Loot Fabricator to open its GUI.

When it’s on, you should see a red bar on the left side of the GUI. Put all the flawless stuff in the slot in the middle of the GUI.

You can do this by right-clicking or placing it manually. On the left side of the GUI, you can see all of the mob loot that you can get from the new items you put in the loot maker.

Left-click on any of the options to start converting the pristine matter to the option you selected. Left-click again to deselect and stop production.

All expenses are placed in the slots on the right side of the GUI for you to use.

Most of the loot you can get from new material is pretty predictable.

For example, Pristine Zombie Matter can be transformed into zombie heads, rotten meat, iron, carrots, and potatoes.

Untouched skeletal matter can be transformed into bones, arrows, shrunken heads, or inferioessence.

If you want to know what a specific type of new matter can be transformed into, press the U key while you hover over it in the JEI.

Then switch the tabs from the Crafts tab to the Loot Maker tab (some new matter types have this tab anyway).

The test key

This thing is called a test that you will learn a lot more about in a moment, but you need a test key for now. Create a trial key using the JEI recipe.

Once you have a key, please hover your mouse over it and hold down the Shift key. It will show you a list of monsters that are compatible with your trial key for tuning.

Your test key will match the next mob you kill as long as a) the test key is in your inventory, b) the mob you killed is on the list of supported mobs, and c) you have a data model for the Mafia in your active deep learner.

When your key is set, you will receive a notification in the chat. You can see which mob a key is tuned to by holding down the Shift key while hovering your mouse over it.

What is a test?

A process is essentially an invasion from the other side. The player has to assert themselves as a particular type of mob (the one you set your test key to) will create waves to try to kill you.

The number of waves you face in a test is determined by the level of the data model you used to tune your test key (higher levels = more waves).

In addition, higher levels of the data model lead to better rewards.

Each attempt will be associated with random affixes. Affixes are unexpected events or effects that change the setting of an exam.

The number of affixes in a test is determined by the data model level used to tune the test key (higher levels = more affixes).

You can see which affixes will be included in the test before you start.

Here is a list:

Speed: All specific mobs in the test have a permanent speed buff.

Regeneration Party – Lingering regeneration potions will be dropped randomly in the arena

Powered bugs – test bugs will be more powerful (more on bugs later)

Shock Immunity: All specific mobs in the event have permanent shock immunity

Blaze Invaders: Blaze will appear in addition to the particular test mob.

Loot Hoarders – Baby zombies, carrying prey appear in addition to the test-specific mob.

THUNDERDOME – Appears in Charged Creepers and Witches in addition to testing certain mobs, also changes your current weather in Storm


System errors remain generated randomly during the test. These are dangerous creatures that cause high DPS. Also, it can have pii errors such as [pii_email_9aa0b0f37d26027d2922].

Killing a glitch system drops glitch hearts. Mistakes are more likely to occur in higher-level tests.

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Flattened element structure before metadata removal 1.13 (break change)

The new machine, The Loot Fabricator. All existing intact item recipes have been moved to this machine

Configurable loot tables for the loot builder.

JEI support added for Loot Fabricator.

Added support for thermal expansion mobs

Added support for Twilight Forest Mobs (divided into four different zones)

Also, added correct creative tab

Creeper, Skeleton, and Zombie data models have become easier to acquire (no longer made with skulls)

Added Chorus Fruit Recipe (Alien Matter)

The simulation chamber recipe has been changed to use a standard glass panel (less micromachine)

Empty data models are stackable

Added some transmutation recipes.

Changed the Fimo recipe (again)

The various kingdom affairs (Ow / Hellish / Terrestrial / Twilight) now grant experience when consumed

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