Guide to Machine Learning Internship

Machine Learning Internship is helpful as ML is a data analysis method that automates the construction of analytical models.

It’s a branch of artificial intelligence based on the idea that systems can learn from data, recognize patterns, and make decisions with minimal human intervention.

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Professionally Relevant Skills

Get familiar with data analytics and machine learning internship basics and learn about the most in-demand data science tools and techniques to prepare for work. You can master the skills of Python, SQL, data analysis, machine learning, and data visualization with Tableau.

Being Employed

Our program comes with a job guarantee! We have completed over 4200 internships with staggering salary increases. Get this comprehensive professional support to jump-start your analytics career.

Learn live from the faculty

Teacher-led live sessions have been shown to deliver the best results for students. These focused sessions with hands-on exercises make learning more accessible and more effective. Clarify all your doubts in live sessions and participate in discussions throughout the course.

Rigorous Project Work

Master data science skills through 25 hands-on projects and case studies from industry partners. Practical exams, hackathon, final project, and mock interviews to prepare for internships.

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What is unique about the Data Analysis and Machine Learning Program?

machine learning internship

Unlike any other, our data analytics and machine learning graduate program develops in partnership with the analytics and data science industry and is designs to help you acquire the exact skills you require by most employers of science scientists.

It is the most extensive data in the world.

Also, it is helpful for you become an excellent data scientist, our program includes final projects, real business projects, relevant case studies, and mentoring from industry experts that matter.

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Guaranteed Interview Opportunities

machine learning internship

This program offers guaranteed interview opportunities for students who complete the program.

We have over 400 placement partners who have conducted placement drives and recruited our students over the years.

Also,we have placed over 4,200 students and have successfully placed them even during the pandemic.

However, you can find more information in our monthly placement newsletter.

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Learn by doing what Machine Learning Engineers do

machine learning internship

Firstly, find out what data analysts, data scientists, and engineers are doing for machine learning.

Secondly, industry experts teach you critical job-related skills in 25 practice-oriented projects and case studies.

Also, get familiar with managing and executing data science projects in various industries.

However, take part in the hackathon to test and demonstrate your skills.

Imagine how you would feel if you had the skills to analyze complex business data and therefore accurately forecast sales or identify promising growth opportunities for your company.

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