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Information Technology Jobs – Latest Top Career Options and Types of IT Jobs

Careers and Types of Jobs Related to ICT

It is good to know the different career paths in information technology jobs (IT) and information and communication technology (ICT).

Each information technology jobs has other required skills and personal characteristics.

Almost all information technology jobs depend on deep technical knowledge.

But they all have a different focus, whether it’s programming, hardware management, software application, data science, or systems or people management.

This list of 22 top careers and occupation types was created by researching which jobs require IT expertise.

An IT degree or equivalent would be a plus for any career. See also online courses at the bottom of the page.

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information technology jobs

Business Analyst

Business analysts examine an organization (or part of a company) to determine how you can best achieve objectives.

However, there is almost always a vital information technology component.

Because information technology jobs is an integral part of modern business operations, for example, analysts can explore the potential impact of a change in computer software.

Also, Analysts must adapt as job requirements vary from company to company.

To become a business analyst, you will likely need to find an entry-level position in this field and build a career from there.

Also, a business apprenticeship is an advantage in addition to additional IT training.

Job Titles: Business Analyst, Business Scientist, Business and Technology Analyst, Business Development Manager (ICT / Networks), IT Continuity Risk Analyst, ICT Business Analyst, Manager (Business Systems Maintenance), Customer Technology Strategist Presales Analyst, Reporting Analyst, Insights & Reports Specialist, Senior Data Business Analyst, Senior Digital Reporting Analyst, Senior Forecasting Analyst, Senior Insight Analyst, Team Leader (IT Business Systems).

information technology jobs

IT Service Technician

Computer service technicians (also known as computer repair technicians) repair computer hardware and software.

Some of the most common tasks include replacing broken components, removing spyware and viruses, disassembling hardware, and running their diagnostic tests.

Also, if information technology jobs are your goal, get as much experience as possible in computer assembly and repair.

The CompTIA A + certification is a valuable qualification.

Also, consider doing a program at a college or technical school.

Job titles: CSI Technician, ICT Service Technician, Computer Service Technician, Field Service Technician, Onsite Support Technician, ICT Support Technician, IT Support Technician, IT Systems Technician.

information technology jobs

Cyber Security Specialist

Cyber-security specialists protect the security of computer systems and networks.

You need extensive technical knowledge, as security is an essential aspect in most parts of a modern computer system.

Typically, an IT-related degree is required for professions as a cyber security specialist.

Experience is critical for all positions except graduate or assistant positions, and certifications can give you a massive advantage over other applicants.

Cyber-security specialists enjoy an excellent median salary. Demonstrated experience in a problematic area can place you in a unique professional position.

Job Titles: Deputy Director (Operational Cyber Security), Director (Security and Service Operations), ICT Risk and Security Specialist, ICT Security Analyst, ICT Security Specialist, Manager Information Security Officer, Information Security Officer, IT Security Engineer, IT Security Consultant, IT Security Operations Officer, Cyber Security Analyst, IT Security Operations Specialist, IT Security Specialist, IT Sales Specialist Security (Cyber Security), Senior Systems Officer (Security).

information technology jobs

Data Analyst

These professionals develop knowledge and receive information by collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data.

Also, they work for corporations and other types of organizations, identifying and helping solve problems.

As a data analyst, you will use computer software and programming skills to complete statistical data analysis.

If you look to embark on a career as a data analyst, learn some programming languages , and earn a Bachelor of Information Technology and Data Analytics.

Job titles: Academic Data Analyst, Data Analyst, Data Analyst – Digital, Data Quality Analyst, Digital Data Analyst, Junior Data Analyst, Data Analyst Marketing, Master Data Analyst, Data Classification Analyst, People Data Analyst, Associate Data Analyst, Privacy and Data Protection Senior Analyst, Property Data Analyst, Senior Data Analyst.

information technology jobs

Technician in the data center

As a data center technician for information technology jobs, you are vital in maintaining hardware networks and data servers.

Also, the data center technician is necessary to keep a company’s data safe and secure.

However, the tasks and responsibilities include:

  • Server administration and repair
  • Service the devices to avoid problems.
  • Track system processes
  • Protect data through cross-collaboration
  • Offer technical training and support.

To be successful as a data center technician, you need knowledge of IT computer networks, hardware repair, troubleshooting, and inventory management.

You will also need top-notch communication skills, including technical writing experience. This race requires you to stand for a long time and be able to carry heavy objects.

Most employers take applicants with a bachelor’s or associate’s degree in a relevant technology area.

Job titles: data center technician, senior data center technician, senior data center technician, data center IT support engineer, data center facility management, data center operations manager data, entry-level data center technician, technical application engineer, technical consultant

information technology jobs

Data scientist

A data scientist is on the same broad career path as a data analyst (see above).

Perhaps the main difference is that data scientists are expected to use advanced programming skills more routinely.

You not only gain insights from data but also create complex behavioral models with big data.

You can go from data analyst to data scientist. A Master’s in Data Science is one way of entering this professional field.

Job titles: Data Technician, Data Analyst/Scientist, Data Engineer, Data Science Consultant, Data Analyst and Scientist, Director – Data Science, Data Scientist – Machine Learning, Junior Data Analyst/Scientist, Senior Data Scientist, Professor – Data Science, Senior Data Scientist / Analyst.

Database Administrator

Database administrators (DBAs) manage the security, health, and performance of the database.

They ensure that data standards are consistent, that users can access data when they need to, and solve any problems that users encounter.

These professionals can also involve in database planning and development.

Also, a degree in an IT-related field is usually required, and programming experience is helpful.

Experienced database administrators have a thorough understanding of database operating systems and technologies.

Positions: Database Administrator, E-Health System Administrator, ICT Database Administrator, IT officer, Information Management Officer, Information Management Review, Senior Information Management Specialist (Service).

Database Analyst

The Database analysts design, evaluates, review, and implements databases. They organize and analyze the information collected.

Also, they are often hired to update and maintain existing databases.

To work in this field, you generally need a degree in computer science or another IT field.

Some information technology jobs also require software development experience.

Functional strengths are data modeling, database query building, PHP, CSS, HTML, Javascript, and SQL programming languages.

Job titles: Database Analyst, Asset Knowledge Systems Analyst, Data Analyst and Information Manager, Database Coordinator / Analyst.

Hardware Engineer

Hardware engineers (computer hardware engineers) oversee the fabrication and installation of computer systems, servers, circuit boards and chips, and device testing.

They also work with various routers, printers, and keyboards.

Also, if you want to pursue a career in this lucrative field, you need a degree in computer science.

Depending on the employer, studying electrical or computer engineering may be an acceptable alternative.

Creativity and good communication skills are valuable additions to technical skills.

Job Titles: Hardware Engineer, Hardware Engineer, Hardware Test Engineer, Research Associate / Junior Engineer

IT consultant

IT consultants are professionals with considerable IT experience and the confidence that they can find work competing for service contracts.

Although they are often independent contractors, they can sometimes find regular employment with significant computer software and equipment manufacturers.

Software and systems houses; and management consultancies, IT consultants can see clients in most industries.

You can specialize in security, software for a particular market, Internet solutions, or web design.

Job Titles: IT Consultant, Associate Technical Specialist, Environmental Management Information Systems Consultant, ICT Contract Specialist, ICT Project Support Officer, ICT Security Consultant, Oracle Applications Technical Consultant, Senior IT Recruitment Consultant, Senior Technical Specialist, Senior Technology Specialist, Advisory Examiner.

IT Manager

The IT managers are responsible for the electronic networks and IT equipment of organizations.

They ensure that the information system requirements are met. The job may be primarily as a management supervisor in large organizations.

On the other hand, for small businesses, it can be beneficial. IT managers can work within organizations or as consultants on discrete projects.

It typically takes many years of experience in this field to take on a managerial position, and you can benefit from a master’s degree in IT management.

Positions: Technology Manager, Customer Delivery Manager, ICT Category Manager, ICT Coordinator, ICT Project Manager, ICT Program Director, ICT Procurement Officer, ICT Resource Officer, ICT Technology Officer Information and Communications (ICT), Information Technology Coordinator, IT Administrator, IT Manager, IT Project Manager, Project Manager (Information Systems), Program Manager, Technical Operations Manager.

Multimedia Developer

Multimedia developers are experts in computer programming and visual arts.

The design software creates multimedia applications by generating and manipulating sounds, animations, graphic images, text, and video.

Also, some examples of applications include multimedia presentations, educational and entertainment products, and interactive computer training.

You may consider this career if you are an IT graduate with excellent knowledge of fine arts. Studying makes sense, but many people only start their practice with an appropriate certificate.

Title: Digital Content Producer, Electronic Content Development Specialist, Multimedia Coordinator, Multimedia Developer, Multimedia Producer, Multimedia Specialist, Software Developer, Web Producer.

Network Administrator

This professional manages and solves computer network problems. The network administrator is responsible for the organization and maintenance of the computer systems.

Often, they are at the highest level of technical staff in an organization. To become a network administrator, you must have a degree in an IT-related field.

Employers are also looking for specific network experience. Specialist certification in network administrator may also be required.

Most of the professionals in the area are trained at a high level in particular hardware or software used on the network.

Positions: administrator of networks and ICT systems, network administrator, network and system administrator, network infrastructure administrator.

Network Technician

Network engineers design and configure networks. Tasks may include:

Firstly, Placing physical equipment

Secondly, Installing electronic equipment necessary to activate the equipment

Then, etermining the appropriate antenna to provide the best coverage possible

Also, career in this field often requires a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related degree.

Lastly, it pays to get a special certification as it gives you a head start when looking for a job.

And also, Network engineers enjoy impressive salaries.

Job titles: Senior Network Engineer, ICT Network and Systems Engineer, Network Engineer, Network Project Specialist.


While software developers design applications, programmers write the code that is necessary for the programs to work.

In addition, the programmers test the software and update the existing software. Many are employees of software companies.

Also, soft skills required include problem-solving, reading comprehension, active listening, attention to detail, and critical thinking.

However, you can enter this field if you enjoy working with code for a long time and want to test the performance of programming languages.

Since experience is an important asset, it is helpful to do an internship or gain other practical experience during your studies.

Job titles: Digital Backend Developer, Game Programmer, Graduate Analyst / Programmer, SQL Programmer, Machine Programmer, Programmer, SAS Programmer, Senior Analyst Programmer, Test Consultant, UI Programmer.

Software Analyst

Software analysts offer software solutions for people.

However, they combine the work of software developers with the use of software in the workplace.

Also, they support companies in developing software solutions that are tailored to their needs.

To be successful in this area, you must be strong in computer programming and dealing with people.

Also, many software analyst jobs require a degree in computer science or a related discipline.

Some employers may also require industry experience (e.g., finance or healthcare).

However, ne role related to software analysis is the sale of ICT software.

Job titles: Business Solutions Architect, ICT Sales Representative, Implementation Analyst, Lead Applications Analyst, National Application Specialist, Research Intelligence Analyst, Senior Applications Analyst, Software Analyst.

Software Developer

Employers can use the term “software developer” synonymously with “software engineer.”

Remember, however, that a “software engineering” job may specifically require that you apply engineering principles to creating software.

Software developers design and develop software.

Also, they provide detailed instructions and guidelines for the programmers who write the code.

Occasionally, developers code themselves. Most positions in this area require a bachelor’s degree that results in excellent salaries.

Job titles: Application Support Engineer, Data Visualization Developer, ETL, and Business Report Developer, ICT Application Development Specialist, ICT Engineer, Senior ICT Drupal Developer, Python Developer.

Python Developer / Integration, Senior Software Engineer, Software Application Integrator, Senior User Experience Designer, Software developer, software engineer, team leader (application support), technical manager (application delivery).

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