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Project Zomboid Map – The Best Project Zomboid Map Mods to Try and Tools

Zomboid Project Map – Build 41

The Project Zomboid Map is one of the best things in the game. The game is not currently in an entire release state, but the map at Build 41 is very large and has a lot to see and do.

Project Zomboid is a hardcore survival RPG. In this zombie apocalypse survival simulation game, your task is to loot, survive the elements, repair cars, eat and drink.

Players can find it confusing navigating the map and finding suitable areas to loot and in general.

The game is still in development and is updated with new updates quite frequently.

Build 41 is the latest update they brought to the game.

It has many features, including new fitness features and the ability to exercise, a separate button dedicated to ground attacks, new vehicle mechanics, and much more.

A Note on the Development of the Zomboid Project Map

The game is currently in process. The developers, The Indie Stone, are still working on the game. It means that at some point, this article may contain information that is no longer up to date.

The report is written for Project Zomboid Build 41. For the latest news on game development, check out the developer’s official blog on their website.

Knox land

Project Zomboid’s map is currently called Knox Country. It is a fictional location loosely based in the Fort Knox and Louisville areas of the United States. A few different cities or “sections” of the map stand out compared to the others.

Some (not all) are used as starting locations in the game. Unfortunately, you have no way of knowing where you are on the map.

Build 41 and all the other builds do not offer any Go minimap or map guide. (There is a perfect minimap mod, though.)

Some of the sections of the map include:


A relatively large rural town with many shops.


A quiet town built on the river. Home to some more excellent shops and cafes. This city is at the northern end of the Project Zomboid map.

Western Point

A densely populated suburb with busy shopping streets and supermarkets sits in the map center.


A bit of a rural atmosphere is in this town. It has a courthouse and other amenities, but nothing too significant.

The exception, of course, is a large prison in the northwest of the city. It is a great building that you can see.


Project Zomboid’s goal is to survive in the fictional, zombie-infested County of Knox, which has been quarantined by the government.

The player has to deal with things like hunger, fatigue, pain and mental stability in order to stay alive.

To do this, players must search for supplies to stay alive one more day while avoiding roaming zombies.

The game uses slow zombies in the traditional Romero style, although some zombies are faster than others.

The game itself offers two game modes: survival mode and sandbox.

In survival mode, the player must first create a character and then survive for as long as possible after the character shows up in one of the four cities of Knox County.

Also, in to other cities and attractions, the player has the option to start the character in Muldraugh, Riverside, Rosewood or West Point.

In sandbox mode, players can change various game mechanics, such as: B. the speed and number of zombies inhabiting the world, the weather conditions and the availability of items in the world.

The Best Place to Start with Project Zomboid

It is recommended to start in all areas of the Project Zomboid card. Most will be pretty tricky at first, and it won’t make much of a difference which one you choose.

The only exception to this specific statement is the rule that, in general, the city is less dense, the less zombies there will be.

West Point has one of the highest concentrations of zombies in any city. So keep that in mind when you start your next game.

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All cities are linked on the entire map. In previous builds of Build 41, multiplayer was an option.


You could travel from city to city with other players, see what people have built on the map, and do your own thing.

If you have problems with other players, you may even have to go to a different side of the map.

Multiplayer was implemented in earlier versions of the game, but there is still work on multiplayer at Build 41.

Use some cards in the game while playing Project Zomboid

While playing Knox Country, you come across cards in the game.

These maps give you a rough idea of which stores are in each city and help you navigate the city. The cards in the game are also interactive.

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