ReactJS – One of the most popular JavaScript libraries for developing user interfaces is React. We will talk about the resources with which it is possible to get acquainted with the library, we will tell you the features of each. And the dear reader will be able to decide for himself what suits him best.


You’ve probably already heard that React is a JavaScript library. It is used to create user interfaces. It is developed and supported by many social networks, as well as the developer and corporate community. Useful information will also be provided by our frontend react developer in this article.

You can use the Russian-language version of the resource

It’s no secret that the most relevant and reliable source of information to study libraries is the official help. It is characterized by its convenience, and a translated version has also been developed. In addition to the guide, developers have the opportunity to use a quick start guide, there is a detailed tutorial, as well as additional manuals if you have deep knowledge.

Video courses

Some users prefer visual perception of information. For this purpose, courses of excellent quality from React are provided. You can use them when you start getting to know the library. For beginners, a course of 30 lessons has been compiled, where you can learn everything you need to know when using in the process of creating web applications.

Another course to note is Learn React. It consists of 58 lessons, covering in depth a wide range of different topics. The site provides an excellent platform with a built-in editor. With it, you can work with codes and watch videos.

This list will not be complete without mentioning FreeCodeCamp. It is a large platform where you can learn code by rereading many articles, tutorials, and more. Learn as much as you can and soon you’ll be doing ReactJS development outsourcing for big companies. 

Courses on YouTube

We offer a selection of dozens of channels dedicated to front-end developers. You can find a lot about React here.

We recommend reviewing ReactJS – The Samurai Way. For those starting to learn, we recommend 7 lessons from WebForMySelf or 9 lessons from Web Developr Blog. The Monster Lessons channel contains playlists on React and Redux. You can watch other videos as well.

If you want an intensive, we offer Skill Branch on Node.js & React.js. React-Redux live streams from CSSSR.School are available.

Cheat sheets

If for any reason you do not like the previous options, we suggest using another one. Take a look at the React Cheat Sheet for the cheat sheet, it has a filter by name, parameters, and links to content.

An accessible and concise list of React Patterns patterns. It is possible to subscribe and receive new descriptions, as well as tips by email.


For those who want to simultaneously learn something new and consolidate knowledge in practice on the perception of the English language, an English-language podcast is offered. Although it is not a tutorial, it is possible to understand React and the WebDev ecosystem to gain an understanding of development practices. ReactJS

The podcast is developed for both React and other related technologies and conferences. The page contains themes for the library. It has been running for about five years, there are several dozen recordings, including videos, screencasts are available.

Developers regularly visit to discuss new products with colleagues, as well as chat in a friendly atmosphere with like-minded people. When exploring a topic, you must use the #react tag. A huge number of articles, discussions have been published here, new items appear daily.

Dan Abramov created his personal blog This person is one of the creators of React and a co-author of Redux. This resource is great for those who already understand a thing or two. You can find a lot of interesting things about structure here.

Another portal worth seeing is React Resources. There is information from various sources here. It may seem that some of the materials are not up-to-date or of poor quality, but here you can find almost everything that has ever appeared about React. ReactJS