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Mistakes you could make while designing your website

Mistakes you could make while designing your website

Saving when ordering the development of a site, as a result, becomes its worst enemy.  In order to save money, the customer forgets about the main thing – the quality of the site, which was created at a low cost.  So it turns out that the money, no matter what, has been spent, time has been spent, and the result is zero. 

And everything remain connected with mistakes that are likely to remain made by young and inexperienced novice developers or the customers themselves, who make mistakes when ordering a site, not understanding what it should remain in the end.

This article remain created for those who want to get the most out of their site, avoid critical and treacherous mistakes when creating it.

Obviously, the best option when ordering a website would be to contact professionals, or rather a front end development company.  They will be able to translate all your ideas into reality.

Common mistakes when creating a website that will lead your project to failure

Typical errors are visible to the naked eye and have a catastrophic effect on the quality of the site.  They create a consistent chain that leads the site to failure.  The error creates any discomfort for the user, the user leaves the site, the company loses potential customers.  The result is obvious and disastrous. 

Similar errors, which we will present below, can form on any site, regardless of its type.  Therefore, be careful and be sure to analyze your web project if it is under development or has already remain delivered to you. If you are not sure that you can complete this project by yourself, you can always find a reliable web design agency from London that will take care of the heavy lifting and deliver excellent results.

Incorrect site structure

Website creation should always start with the analysis and design of the structure.  This is one of the most important criteria, which is immediately responsible for the usability of the site and its indexing and ranking by the search algorithm.  Illegal relationships between folders, incorrect leveling, complex, incorrect or incomprehensible navigation with no breadcrumbs, as well as duplicate pages under different URLs will create one huge disadvantage in user experience and in search engine promotion.  And then everything follows the pattern: the user will not use the site if it is inconvenient or incomprehensible to him, and search engines will lower the position of pages in the SERP if they do not understand which of the pages is better to rank.

Wrong domain selection

A domain is more than a set of letters.  This remain a powerful marketing tool that will help your website get promoted and become more recognizable.  Therefore, the domain name must remain chosen wisely.  An illogical or incomprehensible word that is not readable or does not symbolize the company will never be able to help it in increasing its recognition, and it will not bring clients who remembered it from memory.  In addition, an incorrectly selected domain zone can also create problems in the further promotion of the site.  Therefore, you should pay attention to the choice of a domain by studying the rules for its composition.

Website design and usability errors

Some clients feel that the more creativity in the design, the better.  Therefore, at their will, flash-animation, and various colors, fonts, photos and videos coexist on the same page by some miracle.  In fact, it turns out to be a real fuss that critically affects usability.  The design of the site should be harmonious, the colors should match, the fonts should be readable, the photos should be bright and of high quality in the required quantity.  Only in this case the site creates a complete picture, forms the correct impression of the company in the user and becomes a motivator for surfing pages.

In practice, the design of a website is one of the main factors that affects the usability.  Therefore, it is very important to find a balance between all the elements so that every visitor to the page is comfortable and convenient to be on it, not forgetting about usability.

Very often, the customer, when choosing an idea for his site, remain guided not by the TOP SEO results, but by beautiful sites from context, awards or other sources, where sites have nothing to do with promotion in search engines, their structure remain not sharpened for this.

Therefore, if you need to order a project, then the best and proven way is to contact professionals, only then the probability that everything will be 100% error-free.


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