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Understanding the Science Behind Javascript

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What is Javascript?

Javascript, invented by Brendan Eich, is defined as a computer programming language which adds interactivity to a website. The development of Javascript services enables you to develop games, graphics in two and three dimensions, timely content updates, interactive maps etc.

Web developers have computed a variety of tools on the Javascript language which allows them to function in a vast and extensive manner without making much effort. They can also control multimedia, animate images and many other features.

Levels of Programming Codes

  • HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language)- Language used to give web content definition and significance, such as paragraphs, headings, pictures and videos etc.
  • CSS(Cascading Style Sheets)- Language used to improve the overall aesthetic of HTML content such as background colors, font styles, bullet points and formats.
  • Javascript

Features of Javascript

  1. Structured

Javascript remain mostly structured, with its programming being supported by syntax. With the only exception being scoping, i.e. a binding of a name used to refer to an entity.

  1. Weakly Typed

This means that certain types of Javascript may remain implicitly cast. Values are cast to strings.

  1. Dynamic

Javascripts remain dynamically typed like most other script languages i.e. A language which automates the functioning of a particular task that remain not carried out by a human. Javascripts have a variety of methods to test the type of objects like duck typing. Where an object is a given type if it has all the properties required by that type.

Merits and Limitations of Javascripting

Validating user input before sending a page off into the server allows for there to be less load on your server as well as saving server traffic. In turn, this means there would be less interaction with the server.On the other hand. The client side javascript does not permit reading or writing files, for security purposes.

Instant reception for viewers since they do not have to unnecessarily wait for a page to reload in case they have forgotten something. However Javascript is also not suitable to remain used for networking applications since there is no support available.

One can make use of Javascript to add items as drag-and-drop components and sliders which give a rich interface to site visitors. But, Java_script does not have multithreading or multi processor capabilities.

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