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What Is Email?

Email is a method for replacing messages between people who use electronic devices.

Therefore, the email was designed as an electronic (digital) version of or in counterpart by post at a time when “mail” only meant physical design.

Also, the email later became an ubiquitous means of communication (very widespread) to the point in the current use.

Hence, an email address is often treated as a fundamental and necessary part of many processes.

For example, in business, trade, government, education, entertainment and other areas of daily life in most countries

Therefore, Email is the medium, and every message sent with it means e -mail.

Emails are delivered extremely fast compared to regular mail.

Also, Emails can be sent 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Email can be sent and received from any computer in the world that has an Internet connection.

Cheap: When using broadband, all emails sent are effectively free. Dial-up users are charged local rates, but it only takes a few seconds to send an email.

Types Of Email

Web -based Email

Many E -Mail suppliers have an e -mail customer based on the web (e.g. AOL Mail, Google Mail, and Yahoo! Mail).

In this way, users can register with a compatible web browser with the email account in order to send and receive their emails.

The email is generally not downloaded to the web client, so it cannot be read without current internet connection.

POP3 Email Server

Firstly, the Post -Office 3 (POP3) protocol is an access protocol used by a client application to read email server registrations.

Therefore, the received messages are often deleted by the server.

Secondly, POP allows simple requirements for discharge and elimination for access to remote machines (maildrop in the POP RFC).

With POP3 you can download E -Mail messages on your local computer and read it even when you are offline.

IMAP Email Server

Firstly, the IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) offers functions for managing a multiple device mailbox.

Also, small portable devices such as smartphones are increasingly used to check e -mails on the trip and give short answers.

In addition, it is useful for larger devices with better access to the keyboard used to react more length.

Also, IMAP shows the headings of the news, the sender and the subject and the device to download certain messages.

In general, the e -mail remains in folders on the mail server.

MAPI Email Server

Hence, Microsoft Outlook uses the Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) to communicate with Microsoft Exchange Server.

In addition, for a number of other e -mail servers such as Axigen Mail Server, Kerio Connect, Scalix, Zimbra, HP Openmail, IBM Lotus Notes, Zarafa and Bynari.

Suppliers have added MAPI support so that their products can access Outlook.

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