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Mental Wellness Is More Than The Absence Of Mental Illness

The complex relationship between mental illness and mental well-being is best understood by thinking of them as two separate continua (see figure below). The horizontal axis measures mental illness from high to low, while the vertical axis measures mental well-being from weak to flourishing.

Approximately 85% of the world’s population does not have a diagnosed mental illness, yet these people are not “mentally well” or doing well because they experience stress, worry, loneliness, and other ever-present challenges.

On the other hand, people diagnosed with a mental disorder may still have moderate or positive mental well-being (for example, having good relationships, feeling happy, or functioning well at work).

Practices that increase our mental well-being are increasingly recognized as protective factors for our mental health and help reduce the severity and symptoms of mental illness (alongside traditional treatment regimens).

The Economy Of Mental Wellness

GWI defines the economics of mental wellness as consumer spending on activities, products, and services.

Its primary purpose is to assist us on the mental wellness pathways of growth and nutrition, rest, and rejuvenation. It includes four subsectors:

  • Personal Growth
  • Nutraceuticals And Botanicals That Boost The Brain
  • Meditation And Mindfulness
  • Senses, Spaces and dreams

GWI estimates that the global mental wellness industry was worth $120.8 billion in 2019 (see figure below).

This estimate represents consumer spending in the four subsectors we have defined as part of the mental wellness industry; The focus is on proactive, wellness-focused, consumer-focused and private sector activities.

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