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Best Online Call SMS Bomber 2024 Techniques

Call SMS bomber is a marketing technique that uses SMS messages to promote a product or service. It is also known as “SMS marketing,” “SMS advertising,” or “SMS spam.” The use of text messaging as a form of communication has increased dramatically in recent years.

Cell phones are now a standard means of communication, and text messaging (SMS) has increased tremendously. However, some concerns about this trend include privacy, security, and spam concerns.

SMS and call bombers are prank tools that allow users to send messages or calls simultaneously. These tools can be used to provoke and annoy your friends.

Therefore, this tool can send an unlimited number of messages at once. To use the tool, enter your friend’s mobile number and country code, click submit and wait for the device to finish.

We all know SMS Bomber, but now we have a new technology called Call Bomber. You can send your friends unlimited missed calls instead of text messages, and it’s more irritating for your friend, so start pranking them using our new call bomber.

What is Call SMS Bomber?

Call SMS Bomber

Call Sms Bomber is a deceptive tool that can send many messages simultaneously. You can use it on your companions and make them worse, and our tools can send unlimited messages per period. Enter your friend’s mobile number with country code, click submit, and wait for the process to complete.

In general, the OTP APIs used that are vulnerable to rate limiting attacks, i.e. h does not check the number of OTPs sent, used to create these scripts or applications.

How To Use This Tool?

Enter the number above and click Submit. The process will start and you will receive several otp messages and calls together. If you have any doubts, watch our YouTube video

After receiving these messages, I tried to google and gathered some information. Basically, people’s first preference is to use an app or website for these things. If you google SMS Bomb Prank, the first app you get is BOMBITUP.

It is a very famous app among college students who do these pranks on their friends. Although this app is not available on the AppStore, you have to install it using the APK provided on their website. Downloading these third-party APKs is very dangerous as they may contain root kits.

Call SMS Bomber

Are You Still Getting Those SMS/OTP Bombs Even After Protecting The Number?

If you continue to receive this SMS after adding your number to the protection list, it may be because the person is using a script when they call this company’s OTP API, which they use to register. In these cases, getting rid of these messages is quite difficult.

When a person uses this scripting technique, it may be because he wants to get back at you. This can be counted as cyber bullying and you can report it to the cyber cell.

But finding the culprit is quite difficult. In addition to informing the cyber cell, you can inform companies that their OTP APIs are not secure enough because someone is accessing them from the outside. The company changes it and the attacker loses access to the API.

How Can We Prevent It?

Both the website mentioned above and the Android app contains a protection list. If your number is on this list, no one can perform this attack on your number.

You can see that the duration of the two lists is different, one is 3 weeks and the other is permanent.

Technical stuff involved in SMS BOMB

Each company uses their API to send OTP for login, forgot password, etc.

There are many companies that do not address the security aspects of this API, and as a result, people find a way to access these APIs.

The apps and websites I posted above use this API and their scripts make a GET/POST request which results in an OTP SMS.


While the concept of SMS bombers and call bombing tools may sound like a joke, it’s important to note that using these tools to harass or threaten others is illegal and can have serious consequences. It’s important to use these tools responsibly and only for harmless banter between friends having a good time.

SMS bomber tool sends large number of SMS messages to specified phone numbers in a short time. This can cause the phone to overload and slow down or even crash completely. The call bombardment tool works in a similar way, repeatedly calling a specific phone number until it becomes overwhelmed and unable to handle the traffic.

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