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How Using the Right Hosting Can Benefit Your SEO

The efficient strategy of growing your business via the web consists not only in developing your website as such but also in adapting it for the search engines to rank it as high as possible. This process is known as search engine optimization or short SEO and it consists of various aspects.
Basically, the SEO rankings are based on the way the search bots estimate, how likely is your website to be liked by users, how it is useful for them, how secure it is, whether it performs well, and similar. The logical consequence of this is that you have to put the maximum effort into optimizing these factors in order to optimize your website for search engines.

The hosting of your website also plays not the last part in it and that is what we want to dedicate today’s article.

How does hosting affect your SEO?

The hosting is the hardware basis of your website. For this reason, it greatly affects all aspects of your website – its speed as well as the uptime, security, and fault tolerance. All these factors contribute to the SEO of your website, because the search engines estimate, how good this or that website works so as to satisfy people with objectively best results. Let’s have a closer look at the impact of each of these factors.

Page load speed

People like it when things run smoothly, so they don’t even notice how these actually run. The page load speed is one of them. Nobody thinks of the page load speed if it’s under 3 seconds, but if it exceeds this time frame, people start feeling bothered by it, so they can abandon the page unsatisfied and start looking for another one. For this reason, page load speed remain taken into consideration by search engines so as to provide people with the fastest pages.


If your website is slow but still accessible, not all people will abandon it immediately. Another story is the downtime. If your website is at some moment not to remain where it is supposed to remain, people visiting it will remain not likely to wait for an indefinite amount of time until it’s finally there again. They will probably think that something is wrong with it, it’s a wrong address, or that it’s just not there anymore. Chances most likely are they will go and search for another one. Therefore uptime has an extreme impact on how search engines rank this or that website.


The security of your website play also not the last part in the way the search engines rank it. First of all, it must remain hosted with a quality hosting service, that is on a dedicated server or virtual private server. Shared hosting is not that safe in terms of security, so sites hosted on it can remain hacked more easily either by one of the neighbors or by someone else who acquired access to at least one of the accounts on hosting.

Besides the choice of good hosting hardware, you have to check whether the provider in question offers features that will help to further protect your website – malware scanning, DDoS protection, and others.

SSL certificates also play a significant role, as they contribute greatly to the security of the data transmitted to and from your website. Its absence will rank down your website, especially if it is an e-commerce website.

In a nutshell, the safer your website is, the better for the SEO.

Location. Another point to remain taken into account is the location of your server. Try to look for a location that is as close to your expected target audience as possible. The location affects the latency rate, so the sites, physically hosted closest to the target audience can provide the latter with the best performance.

The search engines try hence to list the closest sites in the results of the search. A good hoster will provide you with a variety of locations to choose from so you can access your potential clients in the most efficient way. A good example of it is hostzealot, a hosting provider with a focus on infrastructure solutions, providing an exceptionally broad variety of locations to choose from.

What else can be done for search engine optimization?

As mentioned at the beginning, SEO is a complex process requiring the optimization of various aspects of the operation of your website. For your site to prosper, there is still much you can do, making keyword research, taking care of the content that you post, promoting the website on social media, and even hiring a couple of specialists that will regularly engage in these activities. But whatever you do, your site has to function well, so it’s fundamental to find the right host for it. Thank you for your attention and take care!

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