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What Is VPN?

A virtual private network (VPN) extends a private network over a public network.

Additionally, it allows users to send and receive data over public or shared networks as if their computing devices were directly connected to the private network.

Also, the benefits of a VPN include improvements in functionality, security, and management of the private network.

Hence, it provides access to resources that cannot be accessed on the public network, and is typically used for remote workers

Encryption is common, although it is not an integral part of a VPN connection.

Also, VPN is created by establishing a virtual point-to-point connection by using leased lines or tunneling protocols over existing networks.

Also, a VPN available over the public Internet can provide some of the benefits of a wide area network (WAN).

Therefore, from the user’s perspective, resources available within the private network can be accessed remotely.

Types Of VPN

Firstly, VPN classification tree based first on topology and then on the technology used

Secondly, VPN connectivity map showing intranet site-to-site and remote work configurations used together

Therefore, Virtual Private Networks can be divided into several categories:

Remote Access

Firstly, a host-to-network configuration is like connecting a computer to a local area network.

Also, this type provides access to a corporate network, e.g. B. an intranet.

Hence, this can be used for remote workers who need access to private resources.

Also, it helps to allow a mobile worker to access essential tools without exposing them to the public internet.


Firstly, a site-to-site configuration connects two networks.

Also, this configuration extends a network across geographically separated offices or a group of offices in a data center facility.

Secondly, the connection link can run on a different intermediate network, such as B.

Lastly, it has two IPv6 networks connected by an IPv4 network.

Extranet based site to site

Firstly, in the context of site-to-site configurations, the terms intranet and extranet are used to describe two different use cases.

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