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How to Find the Right AI Data Catalog for Your Business

As the volume of data within your organization continues to grow, finding a way to organize your vast sets of information so that they can be easily accessible and shared with all your employees becomes a much bigger challenge. This is where AI data catalogs come in. Using AI will help to organize all the different ways of accessing and retrieving the data so that you can make informed decisions for your business.

At the end of the day, an organization’s data catalog is just as important to its AI strategy as the data itself. It is the foundation of the AI architecture, and businesses need to make sure it’s designed properly. Finding the right AI data catalog is one of the most important steps in the journey toward building a powerful AI system. There are dozens of ways to search for AI data catalogs, but how do you know if you’re picking the right one for your business? Below, we’ll help you suss out what kind of AI solution your company will need for your business needs.


Why the Right Data Catalog Is Necessary?

Are you looking to improve your enterprise AI capabilities? With our increasing ability to leverage AI techniques in the form of AI-generated recommendations and predictions, the amount of data generated by businesses has more than doubled in the past five years. However, the challenge of maintaining, accessing, and analyzing this type of data can be complex. Businesses that aren’t prepared when it comes to their AI data management strategy will risk missing the opportunities and benefits of leveraging advanced AI techniques within their own operations.

Many companies are using AI for a variety of business needs, ranging from self-driving cars to customer service chatbots. To take advantage of these techniques, you must understand how the most common types of data are stored in your organization and where they can be accessed and analyzed. Once you have an understanding of these different data types and how they are typically stored, you can begin to build the AI data management solution that will best suit your needs.

How to Make the Right Choice

A data catalog can help you improve operational efficiency and drive down costs by reducing the time it takes to find and access data assets. But to get the max out of the solution, you need to find the right AI data catalog. To help you make that choice, we’ve compiled a short list of the most important questions to consider.

How Big Is the AI Catalog?

A lot of data catalogs are very small, so look for one that is big enough to cover your needs. You should be able to test your AI using the data you want to use before you pay for it.

How Is the Data Curated?

In a data catalog, the way the data is stored isn’t what’s most important; it’s the fact that the data is curated for the purposes of AI. Look at the data set’s metadata and decide whether it’s the right match for your AI strategy. If it doesn’t have the metadata you need, it’s probably not suitable for your needs.

Are There Any Data Sets Available to You in a Specific Format?

AI data catalogs usually curate and store their data using a variety of different methods. Some data catalogs are built as cloud-based services; the AI cloud platform allows accessing large amounts of data. Others are built as data sets that are downloadable from a specific site or are searchable through a search engine. Look for one that has a specific way of storing data that suits your AI’s needs.

How Is the Metadata Stored?

In most AI data catalogs, the metadata is stored in a standard manner and accessed via a standard method. But keep in mind that different companies will store metadata differently. Look for a catalog that stores metadata in a way that makes it easy to understand.

What Is the Expected Size of the Data Set?

The way the data is stored has a lot to do with how much information will be kept in a particular data set. The larger the data set is, the higher the storage and processing cost, so it’s important to make sure the data catalog you choose is built to handle the data sets you want to use. The more data sets you plan to use, the more you should consider getting a data catalog that’s specifically designed for that kind of use.

Final Thoughts

AI-powered companies are growing at an impressive rate, from both a business and customer satisfaction standpoint. It’s important that you have the right tools and techniques in place to make sure the data you use is ready for AI to understand. Choosing the right AI data catalog can help you make the right decision and will help you boost your business efficiency.

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