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Operating systems

Operating System – Definition:

The Operating systems are a program that controls the execution of application programs and acts as an interface between a standard computer user and computer hardware.

Also, more common definition is that the operating system is the only program carried out on the computer at any time and everything else is application programs.

An operating system refers to allocating resources and services such as memory, processors, devices and information.

Therefore, the operating system corresponds to these resources.

For Example, B. a traffic controller, a programmer, a memory management module, E/A programs and a file system.

Functions Of The Operating System

The operating system carries out three functions:

Comfort: Firstly, an operating system makes a computer more convenient to use.

Efficiency: However, the computer system’s resources can be helpful with an operating system.

Develop: An operating system must be installed in such a way that it enables effective development, tests and introduction of new system functions at the same time without disturbing the service.

Performance: Therefore, an operating system must be created to result in maximum performance (number of tasks per unit of time).

Large functions of the operating system:

Resource management: If access in the operating system occurs, the operating system is to provide the user hardware when accessing the system as a resource administrator

Also, it helps to reduce the load in the system.

Process management: Therefore, it includes several tasks such as programming and process completion.

And also, it manages several studies simultaneously.

Hence, CPU programming means that all functions are carried out by the many algorithms used for programming.

Also, Storage management: It is the file system mechanism used for memory management.

For example, NIFS, CFS, CIFS, NFS etc. You are some file systems.

Also, all data memory for several hard drives that managed the storage manager.

Therefore, It contained the hard drive.

However, Storage management: refers to primary memory management.

Therefore, an operating system must monitor how much memory was used and who.

Firstly, you have to decide which process requires storage space and how much.

Then, the operating system must also assign and want storage space.

Security/data protection management: The operating system also offers data protection via passwords so unauthorized applications cannot access programs or data.

For example, Windows uses Kerberos authentication to avoid unauthorized access to data.

Examples Of Operating Systems

  • Windows (based on GUI, PC)
  • Also, GNU/Linux (personnel, work stations, ISP, file and print server, client/tres level server)
  • However, macOS (Macintosh), used for Apple (MacBook, iMac) computers and personal workstations.
  • Also, Android (the Google operating system for smartphones/tablets/smart watches)
  • Therefore, iOS (Apple operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch)

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