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5 Use Cases of AI in the Sports Industry

AI is becoming more and more accessible and revolutionizing every sector, and the sports industry is among them. So, look at five use cases of AI in the sports industry, which is commendable.

Artificial Intelligence is more powerful than ever due to advanced algorithms in AI, data advancement, and enhanced computing power and storage. Players, fans, technicians, coaches, and everyone related to the sports industry rely on its pre-post and real-time uses of AI, which proves very helpful. So, have a look at five use cases of AI in the sports industry to know more.

  1. Better Predictability

Match predictions have become a lot easier with the use of AI. It collects real-time data to give predictions that give an ideal percentage of various outcomes. Also, bettors have to deal with massive data to predict the outcome. For example, you can use college football picks for accurate predictions and statistics to place profitable bets because there are many new teams and players in college football matches.

  1. Sports Journalism

You will be surprised that the Dutch regional media group NDC used AI to help cover 60,000 football matches in one year. In addition, some AI-driven platforms convert hard data MiLB into narratives. Sports journalism is a big thing, and with the help of AI and reporting bots, it’s easy to convert massive data and useful information.

  1. Tickets

Many elite matches face crowding in tickets and poor management, which leads to refunding the price of tickets. However, with AI’s facial recognition and analytics, the process has become quick, hassle-free, and efficient. For example, Columbus Crew used facial recognition technology to let fans enter the stadium. In addition, it made the management very easy, smooth, and flawless.

  1. Referee Support

AI is a blessing and a very successful technology for supporting the referee. History is an example of how many times there has been banter over referees’ decisions. AI tech like Goal Line Technology (GLT) and Video Assistant Referee (VAR) assist referees with rights decisions. These applications are quick, accurate, and very helpful in resolving issues.

  1. AI in Coaching and Training

In various sports, AI-driven sensors and cameras predict forward passes, LBW in cricket, penalty kicks, etc. It helps the coaches and makes the training sessions more focused and accurate. Coaches can view the data and look for all the loopholes to overcome the weak points.

This AI tech is simply helping the players to perform better. Also, it covers training schedules, nutrition and keeps check on players health and performance.

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