PS3 Cinavia: Today, we will discuss how to bypass Cinavia protection and play movies and videos on your PS3.

We will provide you with a complete guide on how to repair Cinavia protection on your PS3. So are you excited? Drop it, get started and see how you can fix the Cinavia problem.

What is Cinavia?

Cinavia is a type of protection on your PS3 that prevents your PlayStation 3 from playing or streaming videos that are not from a natural source.

Well, it’s a massive plus as it helps overcome privacy and only encourages us to use the real stuff.

But in some cases, we have to get around it and do our jobs. Well, tell me, don’t you want to disable PS3’s Cinavia protection?

ps3 cinavia

Well, 90% of users are trying to bypass Cinavia’s protection on their PS3. That is why we are here to help you.

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Is There a Way to Bypass Cinavia on PS3?

Everything is possible and Cinavia Protection too! There are many ways to stop or fix Cinavia problem on your PS3 console easily.

I’ll talk about the free and paid routes here.

Choose wisely which one to use and want a permanent solution to your PS3 Cinavia problem.

Please note that using accessible ways cannot help you in the long run and cannot be guaranteed.

If you are looking for a prominent and permanent solution to your Cinavia bypass problem, I highly recommend that you choose a paid route.

Well, it all depends on you. The paid software allows you to deactivate Cinavia from PS3 permanently.

So, we can get started and see how to fix cinavia protection issue on ps3.

ps3 cinavia

Free Ways To Repair Cinavia On PS3

Here is what you can do to fix the Cinavia problem temporarily:

When you start playing unofficial videos on your PS3, the video sound will be muted automatically, and you will get the Cinavia error.
If something like this happens, pause the video (X) and move the mouse pointer to the main menu (O).

Now you have to go to the settings and select the date and time here. You must change the year to one year in advance. For example, if it is 2017, you should enter 2018.

When done, visit Movie folder> Media Server> Movie and re-launch your previously played movies or videos [123Movies App]. Your video will start from the pause point, and the sound will resume.

It is a temporary solution, and you have to do the same tedious work every time.

Also, you will soon get the same Cinavia errors, or the sound will be muted as soon as your hard drive reaches the next Cinavia watermark, which appears every 15-20 minutes. Isn’t that obvious?

ps3 cinavia

Cinavia PS3 Fix: Permanent Solution

We see this problem so many times that I share my experience with everyone. The above solution gets quite annoying over time, and you want to get rid of this quickly. Also, it doesn’t work all the time. You may have noticed it many times as well.

Well, I found a permanent solution for Cinavia PS3 Fix. Click here to see what I got. It will only cost you $ 25-30, but trust me, it’s worth every penny.

Plus, you get a host of premium tools and cheats that aren’t available for free anywhere. Convince yourself once. Forget about this [pii_email_9f55451c2842463277c4] error

For Example [pii_email_8dc9ca3a02cc1c947844], you will never face Cinavia problem. Also, for the best csgo gambling sites.

This product includes software/guides with videos and pictures to guide you every step of the ways and fix Cinavia protection forever. Suppose you have a problem or want personal assistance.

In that case, you can contact the original owner of this product directly or leave your situation here in the comment section below or use the contact form. While using this guide, I think I can solve all your problems there.

In the past 25-30 days (December 2016), I have fixed 4 PS3s with Cinavia issues. Two of them had warnings with Cinavia message code three, and the remaining 2 had signs with message code 2.

Also, it was straightforward as I followed a detailed and precise guide. Thanks to its creators. So I recommend this premium product to all gamers who love their PlayStation devices.

However, for those who use other PS devices like Vue, they can also opt for software like a VPN for Playstation Vue to access multiple locations.
Stop wasting time-fighting and solving Cinavia’s protection problem.

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How do I disable Cinavia on PS3?

ps3 cinavia

In addition to being a video game console, PS3 is also a Blu-ray player, but sometimes a Blu-ray movie stops playing on your PS3, or the Blu-ray is muted. What is the reason? It is because the Cinavia detector detected the Cinavia protection on the Blu-ray.

How to Disable Cinavia from Blu-ray on PS3? The best and simplest way for us is to remove Cinavia from Blu-ray.

DVDFab Blu-ray Cinavia Removal is the top-rated Cinavia remover that can remove Cinavia on Blu-ray easily and quickly.

Now let me show you how to remove Cinavia from Blu-ray using DVDFab Blu-ray Cinavia Removal:

Step 1: Select the Full Disc / Main Movie Mode

Launch DVDFab 11, go to the copy module, and select the Full Disc / Main Movie mode.

Step 2: Upload the Font

Insert the disc, and DVDFab will load it automatically. If the source is an ISO file/folder, you can upload it by clicking the “Add” button or drag and drop it directly onto the main interface.

Step 3: Select the Audio Track Protected by Cinavia

Click the drop-down list under the Audio tab to ensure that the Cinavia-protected audio track is enabled and that a bar appears on the Cinavia logo.

You will need to go to the Advanced Settings section for the full-disk mode to ensure the Remove Cinavia option is selected. Example errors are: [pii_email_ccc72642c6c6e3fe8a61] and [pii_email_4fd014f39efe1745d8d1].

Step 4: Choose your Output Size

Click the Advanced Settings icon to select BD 50 or BD 25 output.

Step 5: Choose an Output Directory

Navigate to the bottom of the main interface to select a directory: if you share or choose your optical drive as the directory from the drop-down list box, copy the Blu-ray to the disc.

Select a guide by clicking the “Folder” icon to save the output as a Blu-ray folder.

Selecting a directory by clicking the “Image” icon allows you to keep the Blu-ray as an ISO image file without Cinavia.

Step 6: Start the Removal Process

Click the “Start” button to begin Cinavia removal.

After just a few minutes, you will be able to enjoy your Blu-ray movie on PS3 freely without showing any Cinavia message code.


If you choose to rip the Blu-ray to a blank disc, you will be prompted to insert a blank Blu-ray disc into your drive during the ripping. Just stock and do what the instructions say.

DVDFab Blu-ray Cinavia removal should work with DVDFab Blu-ray Copy, Blu-ray Ripper, or Blu-ray to DVD Converter.

Click here to see the list of Blu-rays that are now compatible with DVDFab Blu-ray Cinavia Removal.